Drowning New Orleans

This prophetic article by Mark Fischetti was published in the Scientific American of October ... 2001 and then featured on ...
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Best of EcoTalk 2: Toxins in cosmetics

This week's program is again from "The best of EcoTalk" series: it was originally aired on May 22nd, 2005. Betsy's ...
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Betsy on Morning Sedition

Betsy got up very early this morning to speak on New York based AAR Morning Sedition about the abysmal energy ...
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Best of Ecotalk

Betsy is taking a well deserved short vacation so we'll be airing programs from "The Best of EcoTalk" archives for ...
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America’s energy future

We'll drill down and see what's really in store for America's energy future now that the long delayed, much debated ...
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About the Sierra Summit

The Sierra Club, the nation's largest environmental organization is holding a conference and expo in San Francisco next month, the ...
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Ocean directory, bad energy policies

We’ll start with the ocean which is where planet protectors may feel like heading after hearing about the energy bill ...
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Green Nazis, ExxposeExxon, saving Asian Bears

This week-end on EcoTalk we'll meet Patrice O'Neill whose film "The Fire Next Time" is now showing on PBS ...
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G8 and GW, Cities and climate change, remembering Gaylord Nelson

What if the world were warming and W's stubborn streak let it happen?G-8 came and went and George held strong, ...
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G8 summit

This week-end we look at the G-8 interrupted and how the London tragedy has once again knocked the environment off ...
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Is GE’s ecomagination for real?

As General Electric launches a media campaign about ecomagination Betsy asks Frank O'Donnell, of Clean Air Watch for his comments: ...
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Helen Caldicott and the new nuclear danger

This week's guest is Helen Caldicott MD, author of The new nuclear danger (revised and updated 2004) about the links ...
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Cars of the future – Are we there yet?

We'll look at cars of the future (and a few exotic prototypes of today) - Are We There Yet? Are ...
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It’s Painful Being Green

Kermit was wrong, it’s not easy to be green. Thanks to the waste prevention gene I seem to have been ...
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UNWED left me unglued

UNWED left me unglued

The first-ever-in-the-U.S. United Nations World Environment Day was a true green letter event, held appropriately in the city voted the ...
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It's not just Eskimos in Bikinis

It’s not just Eskimos in Bikinis

An excellent article about global warming by Chip Ward. It's not just Eskimos in Bikinis ...
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Redwood Mary, Marta Benavides and Teddy Roosevelt IV

Betsy's guests in the first part of the program are Redwood Mary co-founder of the Women's Global Green Network and ...
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Editing reports on climate change and Last child in the woods

In the first part of the program Betsy talks about how according to the Government Accountability Project the scientific reports ...
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4 minutes of Gore's speech in San Francisco

4 minutes of Gore’s speech in San Francisco

Al Gore delivered in San Francisco an energizing speech about the planetary emergency. This is a very short part of ...
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Betsy on Air America’s Morning Sedition

Betsy got up very early this morning to talk with Mark Maron and Mark Riley on Air America Morning Sedition.She ...
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