Helvarg_bookWe’ll start with the ocean which is
where planet protectors may feel like heading after hearing about the energy
bill passed by Congress this week and awaiting signature from the evildoer
himself. David Helvarg, author of “The War Against The Greens” will join us to
talk about the release by Island Press of a “Blue Movement Directory”, a new ocean and coastal
conservation guide
of groups working to protect our oceans.  LISTEN (17 min)

Nrdc_logo We’ll hear what’s
wrong with this ‘bad energy’ bill (almost everything!) from the NRDC’s policy
director, Karen Wayland LISTEN (11 min)

CampaigningforacleanenergyWe’ll also check in with Greenpeace’ director of
research, Kurt Davies, for comments on this week’s announcement that the U.S. is
spearheading a five nation pact (the big ones missing in action from Kyoto) that
will develop new technologies to limit greenhouse gases, thus proving the Bush
administration will stop at nothing –
including, perhaps, addressing climate
change in a nuclear sort of way – to get Karl Exxonisafossilfueldinosau_5Rove off the front pages! LISTEN (4 min)

In the the last segment Betsy talks with filmmaker Dale Djerassi who directed the documentary Oil on Ice now available  in a DVD format with a grassroots action toolkit. LISTEN (2.30 min)

LISTEN to the whole program (37 min)