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Climate Mash

Just in time for Halloween – and these ARE scary times – we’ll debut "The Climate Mash", a scathing version of  Bobby Puckett’s classic, The Monster Mash…global warming has burned him out of retirement to record the song, complete with hysterical graphics (at We’ll talk to Angela Ledford, executive director of Clear The Air, which has a campaign to go along with the song. We’ll also check in with two  experts to learn what yet another killer storm portends for the future –Jerome Ringo, with The National Wildlife Federation, was a flood victim in Louisiana only to get hit by Wilma while in Florida for a talk. Peter Webster is a professor at Georgia Tech who says batten down the hatches for more warming fueled weather. Nell Newman will join us to talk about why Newman’s Own Organics is pushing fair trade coffee and Scott Silver with Wild Wilderness will tell us why national parks are under siege from a relentless administration and what you can do about it. Last, but not least, Daniel Hinerfeld will check in with a report on why the NRDC is suing the Navy over sonar… LISTEN to the whole show (37 min)

AngelaledfordAngela Ledford, campaign director of Clear the Air , the national campaign againt dirty power that just produced the climate mash video.

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JeromeringoJerome Ringo, chairman of the board of directors for
the National Wildlife Federation;

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Peterwebster_1Peter Webster, professor at Georgia Tech

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NellnewmanNell Newman, president and founder of Newman’s Own

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ScottsilverScott Silver, executive director of Wild Wilderness;

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BleedingporpoiseThe NRDC segment is devoted to the lawsuit filed against the US Navy about their high intensity sonar exercises. We’ll hear part of the film narrated by Pierce Brosnan about those underwater noises.

HumpbackExperts explain why they produce masswhale mortality and the precaution the Navy should take to protect marine mammals. Speak out with NRDC’s Earth Action Center.
The interviews for this segment are  by Daniel Hinerfeld.  LISTEN (4 min)

Best of Ecotalk

Betsy is taking a well deserved short vacation so we’ll be airing programs from "The Best of EcoTalk" archives for the next few weeks. This sunday we’ll replay the interview with Dr. Riki Ott on her new book about the human impacts of the Exxon Valdez disaster more than a decade later.

Interview with Riki Ott

A_riki_harbor_best_pictureIt was 16 years ago that the Exxon Valdez ran
aground, triggering the worst oil spill in history and transforming the
tranquil and pristine Prince William Sound
into a toxic wasteland. A_riki_ott_sound_truth_cover_1The legacy of that pivotal event is the subject of a
new book by Dr.
Riki Ott, Sound Truth and Corporate Myth$: the legacy of the Exxon Aldez oil spill.
We’ll hear why Dr.Ott’s scientific research
has convinced her that oil is more toxic to humans and the environment than
anyone ever thought.
In what’s being called the “Silent Spring”
of oil, Dr. Ott’s book is an urgent call for clean alternatives to fossil fuels. LISTEN


The ecological impact of the Tsunami

A_reef_protection_1This weekend’s show is devoted to the
ecological impact of the Tsunami, both in terms of damage and mitigation
role. Our first guest is Drew Weiner, Executive Director of Reef Protection
  who discusses coral reefs and mangroves
native to the coastal regions hit.

A_sea_turtleAndi Peri with the Sea Turtle Restoration
will tell us what’s happening to endangered sea turtles, in both the Tsunami region and worldwide. In the last segment he talks about mercury in fish
(and there’s a connection to sea turtles).
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