0swas_rallyThis week-end on EcoTalk we’ll meet Patrice O’Neill whose film "The
Fire Next Time
" is now showing on PBS . She tells the story of a small Montana town, Kalispell in Flathead Valley, divided by competing
interests; economic growth and environmental protection.

0fi_stokes2_2We’ll learn what
happens when a right wing radio host comes to town and enflames and distorts an
already tense situation by calling for the burning of green swastikas.
(17 min)

also meet Jill Robinson, the founder of the Hong Kong based Animals Asia Foundation. She works to protect from torture Asian Bears -whose bile is used for
traditional medicinal purposes.  LISTEN (11 min)


0exxpose_exxon_nyc_20exxonstatue_1paris_1Finally we’ll learn more about the recently
launched Exxpose Exxon boycott  with Kevin Knobloch, President of the Union of Concerned Scientists. The picture on the left was taken last week in New York and the picture on the right two years ago in … Paris.   LISTEN (7min)

LISTEN to the whole 37 minutes of the program