0_bush_global_warmingWhat if the world were warming and W’s stubborn streak let it
G-8 came and went and George held strong, refusing to agree to caps
on greenhouse gas emissions, something even oil-thirsty India and China appeared
ready to do in Scotland.
How long can the leader of the biggest contributor to
climate disruption keep his head in the sand?  Mark Hertzgaard,
environmental correspondent for The Nation tells us what’s at stakeLISTEN  (11 min)


0saveourclimate_2 Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels who has led 170+ cities in signing on to Kyoto-like
guidelines speaks about this initiative while attending the conference taking place in Utah:
LISTEN (6 min).

Michele Weiman, Executive Director of the International Council for Local Evironmental Initiative is a co-host of this 3 day event: LISTEN (11 min)

0gaylordnelsonAnd Earth Day co-founder Denis Hayes will join us to remember the
late great Gaylord Nelson. LISTEN (7 min)

LISTEN to the whole program (37 min)