The greenest cities in the US

Warren Kelvenzig, Chief Strategy Officer of Sustainlane speaks about the most sustainable cities. They came up with ranking 25 US ...
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Air America's Deanna Neil interviews Betsy about EcoTalk

Air America’s Deanna Neil interviews Betsy about EcoTalk

Here is the 3 part interview:Part 1: It's nature way to tell us something is wrong Listen (7 min) Part ...
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Following up on toxins in cosmetics

Jane Kay Environment writer for the San Francisco Chronicle: "Researchers have reported for the first time that they have found ...
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World Environment Day 2005: June 1-5

World Environment Day 2005 is a 5 day project of the United Nations Environment Programme hosted by the city of ...
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Toxins in cosmetics

Betsy's guests to discuss how safe or unsafe are the cosmetics and other personal products we use are: Judi Shils, ...
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The polluted information environment, interview with John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton

John Stauber is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy.Since 1993 he reports about the ...
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The answer is in the wind (and the sun)

Betsy's guests talk about alternative energies. Dan Carol of the Apollo Alliance expands on his previous conversation last week about ...
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How to use this site

As we enter our second year of programming the site has grown so here are a few tips to help ...
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Environmentalism is not dead: criticizing the critics

Betsy talks with 4 guests who disagree with the arguments developed last week about the death of environmentalism.Jim Motavalli is ...
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Interview with Michael Shellenberger and Adam Werbach

Michael Shellenberger and Adam Werbach talk with Betsy aboutthe controversial essay The Death of Environmentalism , Global Warming politics in ...
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Interview with Joel McEwen

Interview with Joel McEwen

Joel Christian McEwen, is the Director of In Pursuit of Happinessa film still in progress. Danny Glover, Ed Begley, Jr., ...
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Interview with John de Graaf

John De Graaf is the author/editor of Take back your time. He speaks about the Take Back Your Time Day, ...
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Interviews with John de Graaf and Joel Christian McEwen

This sunday Betsy's guests are John De Graaf and Joel Christian McEwen:John De Graaf is the author/editor of Take back ...
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Win a trip to Iceland

Win a trip toIceland with Gristmagazine.LISTEN (1 min) ...
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Joel Gershon interviews ecocelebrities

Joel Gershon interviews ecocelebrities

Joel Gershon reports on eco-celebs.LISTEN (6 min) ...
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Interview with Gregor Siebock

Gregor Siebock tells about his hiking around the world for the Blue planet footprint campaign. LISTEN (11 min) ...
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Interview with Ronald Wright

Ronald Wright is the author of "A Short History of Progress" LISTEN (17min) also mentioned "Collapse, how societies choose to ...
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Ronald Wright, Joel Gershon and Gregor Siebock

Betsy's guests today are Ronald Wright, Joel Gershon and Gregor SiebockRonald Wright is the author of "A Short History of ...
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EcoTalk's Team

EcoTalk’s Team

Betsy Rosenberg, Host & Executive Director Email Phone: 415/561-2165Carolyn Brown, Director of Marketing Email Phone: 510/655-1255, Cell: 510/813-5521 William Craven, ...
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Carolyn Brown

Carolyn Brown, Director of Marketing Carolyn, founder of GreenWave Communications, helps environmental organizations and green businesses build awareness and action ...
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