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Powering the planet

Powering the planet (pdf) is the title of the inaugural speech given by Nathan Lewis at the California Clean Innovation Conference. At this point we don’t have a recording.

Lester Brown: Ethanol is NOT the Answer

Earth Policy Institute President (and author of Plan B: 2.0) Lester Brown reacts to the effects of climate change now infecting the cover of Time Magazine, and his thoughts on Ethanol being number one on their list of tools to fight global warming: "What we’re beginning to see is a realization that ethanol is not the answer, despite the ethanol euphoria that one sees and feels here in Washington." LISTEN (12 min)

Solar + Business= Debate

Today’s EcoTalk featured a compelling debate on long and short term viability of Solar Power. Severin Bornstein, Director of the University of California Energy Institute, says that although solar shows long-term promise , it requires more research and development before it’s ready for prime time. On the other hand, JP Ross, Policy Director for the Vote Solar Initiative, takes the egg to Bornstein’s chicken, citing increased use and demand as the engines that will drive technological innovation. But these two explain everything better than I can.
Listen for yourself! PART ONE (11 min)  PART TWO (7 min)

TXU Buyout Makes Utility Greener

Good news! NRDC’s Climate Center Director David Hawkins tells Betsy how the two private equity firms who are in talks to buy energy giant TXU wanted to talk to Environmental Defense and NRDC about how they could satisfy rising public opposition to proposed coal power plants in Texas.
This is a major victory for grassroots organizing, and the blueprint is clear: citizens make themselves heard in the streets, online, on the air, and in their state capitols; public opposition brings stock prices down; corporations are then forced to meet environmental groups at the bargaining table. Americans, you helped save the air you breathe! LISTEN (11 min)

The 18 Second challenge: Change A Bulb, Change Everything

Pulp Fiction
, Kill Bill, Good Will Hunting, and An Inconvenient Truth Producer Lawrence Bender stops by to talk about his 21st nomination for an Academy Award, and why his global warming movie was more controversial than the ultra-violent flicks he’s made in the past. Lawrence is also one of the prime movers and shakers behind the 18 Seconds campaign to get people to set aside 18 seconds of their time to screw in a Compact Flourescent Lightbulb, the gateway drug that will get them hooked on energy conservation: "Naturally you’re gonna feel good. So you start to think, ‘What else can I do?’"  PART ONE (11 min)  PART TWO (7 min)


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