3_hypercarsWe’ll look at cars of the future (and a few
exotic prototypes of today) – Are We There Yet? Are hybrids part of the
answer to America’s oil predicament and, if so, why aren’t they making more of
them? And what about hydrogen – are we two, or twenty, years away from a fuel
cell future? We’ll pose these questions, and more, to a panel of clean car technology
experts this weekend on EcoTalk including:
3_pac_car_2_3Chris Onder with the ETH Pac Car2 project

Listen (11 min)

3_hy_light_4_1Philipp Dietrich with the Michelin Hy-Light 2 litre car,
Listen (6 min)

Daniel Sperling of UC Davis Listen (19 min)

LISTEN to the whole program (37 min)