CBS Radio News Veteran

For two decades, Betsy was a familiar voice at CBS; first at KCBS in San Francisco where she reported and anchored local news, and then later covering national and world news as a network anchor. She is the recipient of more than a dozen broadcast journalism awards.
Heard on more than 400 CBS Radio affiliates across the country Betsy wrote and anchored hourly updates covering the latest national and international news.

Breaking New Ground

In 1997 Betsy created a green news beat, embraced and expanded it, and never looked back.  On Earth Day she launched Trash Talk – Sound Solutions for a Healthier Planet and People, offering waste reduction tips on KCBS.
In 2004 TrashTalk expanded to an hour-long interview format, becoming EcoTalk, the nation’s first syndicated sustainability show on commercial radio, breaking new ground as the only such program to offered in a prime-time daily slot. EcoTalk was heard on 40 Air America stations across the country. In 2009 she launched The Green Front on voiceamerica.com, and later on PRNThe Progressive Radio Network.
During that period she interviewed the leading environmentalists of our time and has been a guest on local and national television programs, including CNN Headline News and FOX’s Sean Hannity Show.
She was the first mainstream commercial broadcaster to recognize the need for mass media outlets to communicate the urgency and complexities of growing ecological challenges. From the outset, Betsy’s mission has been to bring green content and consciousness into the daily programming mix and make environmental challenges and solutions just as important and engaging as other compelling news of the day.
Betsy speaks across the country and is a continual participant in leading environmental events and climate, energy, and sustainability conferences.
Betsy is a chapter contributor to Climate Abandoned — We’re on the Endangered Listand is working on her first book, sharing adventures, lessons, and juicy anecdotes  from two decades on the green beat!

Personal Life

In her community life Betsy has created several eco-awareness campaigns, including Don’t Be Fueled! – Mothers For Clean and Safe Vehicles, a “GASroots” campaign launched in 2002 aimed at increasing supply and demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles. In 2012-13 Betsy hosted “Green Tea” Parties in her home to educate women about how to “Green Your Routine.” She is a graduate of The Climate Reality Project, Al Gore’s training designed to educate the public about the impact and opportunities of global warming.
Betsy recently relocated to Austin, Texas where she and her husband have installed solar panels (first in the neighborhood) to charge their electric cars.  She and her husband are hoping to be part of the Blue (and Green) wave in the Lone Star State!


Over 1,500 radio shows and segments are now available on this site: BetsyRosenberg.com under “Archives,” as well as Listener Testimonials under “Acclaim.”