To our loyal listeners: We are planning an eco-romance show, to air February 4th. We are looking for ideas for ...
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Earthjustice Protecting the wolverines and the Endangered Species Act

We are welcoming Earthjustice as an EcoTalk environmental partner.In this first segment, Earthjustice advocate Tim Preso, joins us to share ...
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Saving the pikas

EcoTalk's Science Editor, Shana Weber, reports on her personal passion - saving the pikas - (also a global warming connection) ...
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A lawsuit to protect the polar bears

Let us hear why Greenpeace has sued the Department of Interior for failing to protect polar bears from the rapidly ...
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A renewable energy plan for Hawaii

We'll then take a carbon-free trip to Hawaii and learn about plans underway to make the 50th state first in ...
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Carbon sequestration

The hot new eco-trend, Carbon sequestration - how you can offset your emissions - will be discussed with Jason Smith, ...
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EcoTalk #80 Podcasts

EcoTalk #80: Wolverines, Polar Bears and Pikas, Oh My! Listen to the whole show (37 min) Segment 1: About carbon ...
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EcoTalk #79 Podcasts

EcoTalk #79 podcasts Listen to the whole program (37 min) Listen to Pamela Wellner of Greenpeace about their Kleercut campaign ...
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Green lining to dark clouds of 2005

This week on EcoTalk you'll hear first about the "Kleercut" protest organized by Greenpeace and NRDC. The target is Kimberly ...
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About petrolism

About petrolism

By Thomas Friedman in the New York Times as quoted by the Rainforest action Network ...
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Welcome and thank you to our sponsors and listeners

Pet Ecology is our title sponsor and our environmental sponsors are NRDC, the Union of Concerned Scientists and Earthjustice: thank ...
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Top Ecostories of 2005 and green-tinted films

Before 2005 becomes just another bad memory we'll do a quick rewind and name the Top Five Environmental Stories Of ...
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Feedblitz replaces bloglet as subscribing service

Feedblitz replaces bloglet as subscribing service

Feedblitz is offering additional features and services. Happy new year! ...
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Previous shows in 2006

Previous shows in 2006

Maybe you would like to take a look (and listen) at our previous shows aired since January 7.To help you ...
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Global warming and you

On Saturday December 31 we are going to rerun the program aired on October 21.Happy new year and all our ...
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Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a greener 2006! ...
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Methyl-bromide, mercury, pvc and Teflon

An international conference has taken place in Dakar (dec 12-16) to discuss the phasing out of ozone-depleting substances. NRDC's Amanda ...
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Oil Vey

So just what WAS accomplished at the U.N. Climate Change conference in Montreal?We'll find out from New York Times environment ...
/ climate change, Energy is the name of the group singing the song aired during the last show. It is a London (UK) ...
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Kyoto protocol, protests and cow poop

We'll go back to Montreal for an update on the climate change conference, wrapping up this week. David Doniger, policy ...
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