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Toronto Mayor David Miller and the Clinton Climate Initiative

Toronto Mayor David Miller
talks about representing one of the sixteen major world cities (plus five major banking institutions) to cut carbon emissions by renovating city-owned buildings with the Greenest of practices and the Clinton Climate Initiative: "This is a win win win win win win." This what it takes! Teamwork, optimism, and practical business.  LISTEN (11 min)

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), Part 3

This is where the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) stuff gets really interesting: whereas the first to parts, released earlier this year, documented the global scientific consensus on climate change and forecast several possible effects, Part 3, to be released tomorrow, offers an array of solutions to minimize the impacts of climate change, and halt any further effects. Will the nations of the world implement these recommendations? Given their obsession with the wording of this document, there’s a good chance they will. Center for American Progress Senior Fellow (and author of Hell and High Water) Joseph Romm: "This report has to be signed off on by 120 governments, including the United States, and oil countries like Saudi Arabia. And they can veto any word. So you can take to the bank anything that all those countries agree to." LISTEN (10 min)

Stanford University Climatologist Stephen Schneider

Stanford University Climatologist
Stephen Schneider is on the Synthesis Committee for the IPCC report:
"IPCC doesn’t tell the world what to do. That’s the job of decision
makers, ranging from everybody out there deciding what car or
refrigerator to buy, to government officials trying to figure out what
industries to support and what industries to tax. What we will do is
survey the literature, summarize the arguments of various sides, from
the coal industry to the enviro groups. Then we’ll go beyond that and
we’ll talk about the scientific merits in those arguments." LISTEN (8 min)

Greenpeace Canada Targets Prime Minister Harper For Climates Crimes

Greenpeace Canada Climate and Energy Coordinator Dave Martin comments on the Harper Administration’s rather crafty emissions plan: " (Canadian Environment Minister John) Baird characterized it as turning the corner. I would describe it as hitting a dead end. What Mr. Baird came out with was a deliberate deception." LISTEN (10 min)

Schwarzenegger tells the EPA to shape up

Governor Schwarzenegger’s environmental adviser Terry Tamminen (author of the kick-ass book Lives Per Gallon ) stops by to break down the Governator’s letters to EPA head Steve Johnson, threatening a lawsuit if the EPA does not release California (and a line of other states around the corner) from the Clean Air Act. Doesn’t sound very environmental to you? Well, considering that climate change isn’t currently being addressed under the current version of the Clean Air Act (we’ll see what happens, now that we’re post-Mass v. EPA), Schwarzenegger is here actually asking permission to address climate change. But it doesn’t sound like he’ll be merely asking for long. EcoTalk loves it. LISTEN (10 min)


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