Amandaleiter_2An international conference has taken place in Dakar (dec 12-16) to discuss the phasing out of ozone-depleting substances. NRDC’s  Amanda Leiter tells us about methyl-bromide, a pesticide still widely used in the US when safer alternatives exist.

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Mercurypollution The US government is failing to uphold provisions of
the Clean Water Act concerning emissions of mercury from coal fired
power plants, and thus is in violation of both United States and
international law. Scott Edwards, Waterkeeper Alliance Legal Director explains. Listen (7 min)

PvcroundyellowMicrosoft, Hewlett-Packard, major Bay Area hospitals
and other companies are phasing out  PVC, “the Poison Plastic” in consumer packaging
and products. Mike Schade, PVC Campaign Coordinator for the Center for Health and Environmental Justice explains this growing trend.  Listen (12 min)


TeflonDupont was fined $16.5 million for covering up company studies about toxic contamination linked to Teflon. The
chemical is now in the blood of over 95 percent of Americans.
EWG Senior Vice President Richard Wiles tells the story.
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