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Peter Shapiro and the Green Apple Music & Arts Festival

Longtime co-habitator of both the music and sustainability worlds, Peter Shapiro tells Betsy how more than the music’s message, the sustainable methods by which the Green Apple Music Fest is being organized will help entrench eco-friendly habits in concert promoters, venue owners, and you, that fan who’s rockin’ out in the fifth row.  LISTEN (9 min)

Live Earth: Concerts For A Climate In Crisis

Cathy Zoi of the Alliance for Climate Protection tells Betsy about the launch of the SaveOurSelves campaign and the star-studded (Pharrel! Chili Peppers! Snoop Dog! Bloc Party! Bon freakin’ Jovi!) LiveEarth Concert Festivals slated for July 7th. She also speaks to the droughts in her sometime home Australia that are pushing public opinion towards greater conservation, and a more considered look at our relationship to the Earth’s resources. LISTEN (11 min)

Adrienne Young & FoodRoutes

Country Bluegrass Singer Adrienne Young has used her stirring voice and songwriting gifts to sing the praises of living food, local agriculture, and an intimate connection to nature and the life lessons it offers. Adrienne is a spokesperson for FoodRoutes, a national organization that aims to help put local food on your table. Find out how to get involved with FoodRoutes in your area, and buy Adrienne’s new album May 22nd! LISTEN (12 min)

Homepage_bfbllogo is the name of the group singing the song aired during the last show.
It is a London (UK) based unsigned band consisting of members Peter
and Sarah.

"So People" was written by Sarah in an attempt to raise
awareness about the urgent action required to prevent the very real threat of
the devastating effects of climate change…
Pollination X believes we
are all responsible for the cause of climate change, and therefore we can
make choices as consumers to help alleviate the effects of climate
If we all make small steps to cut down on emissions (i.e. taking
the bus to work instead of using the car/not leaving electrical appliances on
standby etc) that will lead to a big change.

Thank you to Alex who told us about them.
You can listen on their site.


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