Climateactionnow1We’ll go back to Montreal for an update on the climate change conference, wrapping up this week. David Doniger, policy director for the NRDC’s climate center
will join us with his observations of the proceedings.

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PumpdeadendWe’ll also get a
report on the other part of the climate conference story – worldwide
protests against global warming inaction held last weekend but you’d
never know it from the meanstream media.
We’ll speak with Jonathan Neele in London,
a key organizer of the protests, about why this is just the first of
many global actions to come.

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Globalwarming1AllendusaultOne way to get off the fossil fuels that
are causing climate extremes is to use biofuels. We’ll speak with Allen Dusault, with Sustainable Conservation
about the most promising renewables, including cow gas!
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BlechmanplatdujourAnd speaking
of gas – if you want to lower your utility bills this winter, consider
a tankless water heater…we’ll hear about the cost and conservation
benefits of hot water on demand from Dan Moffroit, with Bosch.

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This devilish image is by R.O. Blechman

All illustrations are courtesy of the virtual exhibition of the Climate Action Network Canada and the Art Directors Club of New York.
They also offer a video (if you have the system to run it).

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