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EcoTalk # 85

Listen to the whole show (37 min) or listen to the various segments:
Apple_ipod_mini_green_prot_1 NRDC’s Jon Coifman about oil addiction Listen (9 min)
NY State Representative Liz Krueger Listen (7 min)
Sarah Pelmas and Peter Sealey about "Compact" Listen (7 min)

Piagio/Vespa CEO Paolo Timoni Listen (7 min)

Ecotalk # 82

Listen to the whole show (37 min)

NASA’s Chief Climate Scientist, Jim Hansen

Listen (part 1 = min) Listen (part 2 = 3 min)

Peter Tertzakian,
author of A Thousand Barrels A Second – The Coming of the Oil Break Point and the Challenges Facing An Energy Dependent World. Listen

Kristin Patten about diamond mining Listen (3 min)

Matthew White, President of GreenKarat Recycled Gold Jewelry Listen (3 min)
about  organic wines. Listen (5 min)
Margaret Reeves with Pesticide Action Network and Gerald Prolman of Organic Bouquet  Listen (7 min)

EcoTalk #80 Podcasts

EcoTalk #80: Wolverines, Polar Bears and Pikas, Oh My!

Listen to the whole show (37 min)

Segment 1: About carbon sequestration Listen (11 min)

Segment 2: A renewable energy plan for Hawaii  Listen (7 min)

Segment 3: Suing to protect the polar bears  Listen (8 min)

Segment 4: Save the pikas!  Listen (2 min)

Segment 5: Earthjustice needs your help to save the Endangered Species Act  Listen (7 min)

EcoTalk’s sponsors are Pet Ecology, Sun, NRDC, Union of Concerned Scientists, Earthjustice

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EcoTalk #79 Podcasts

EcoTalk #79 podcasts

Listen to the whole program (37 min)

Listen to Pamela Wellner of Greenpeace about their Kleercut campaign (8 min)

Listen to Tim Barnett (Scripps Oceanography) about climate change. (6 min)

Listen to Kevin Knobloch, President, Union of Concerned Scientists about positive steps against global warming (19 min)

EcoTalk’s sponsors are Pet Ecology, NRDC, Union of Concerned Scientists, Earthjustice

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