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Mary Ann Hitt and Appalachian Voices

Appalachian Voices Executive Director Mary Ann Hitt tells Betsy how now is the time for all of us to unite against the tragic practice of mountaintop removal and coal mining. Habitats, ecosystems, and cultures are at stake, and greed and our reliance on fossil fuels continue to be formidable opponents. May 12-16 is Mountaintop Removal Week in Washington, DC, and everyone needs to visit, where you can contact your congressperson, watch videos of mountains being destroyed, and view the incredible "National Memorial for the Mountains" on Google Earth. LISTEN (12 min)

Paul Waldman: Media Matters

In this segment Betsy and Paul Waldman of Media Matters swat away those pesky climate change myths that keep buzzing out of the mouths of Hannity, Inhofe, et al. They also address some of the mainstream media’s (including the New York Times’) favorite climate change tropes, and provide us with the tools to deconstruct them, for the benefit of your dear old uncle in denial.
LISTEN (11 min)

Picture: Kyle Cassidy

Sander DeVries: 41 Pounds of junkmail a year

Sander DeVries stops by to tell Betsy about his and his brothers’ jobs moonlighting as superheroes who are going to rid your life of junkmail. I’m getting at least 41 pounds of junkmail a year, my share of more than a hundred million trees a year. So there is no doubt that I am going to sign up with 41 Pounds and pay them 41 dollars for five years of junkmail amnesty. The fact that half of that 41 bucks is going to charity is the icing on the cake. LISTEN (7 min)

Huey Johnson: Resource Renewal and Green Plans

President of Resource Renewal Huey Johnson talks about Green Plans, the fuits of Huey’s scouring the earth for the most ecologically sustainable models of human civilization. Listen here for tales of your United States, New Zealand, and Holland: "Corporate Holland, the big businesses, decided the most radical thing they could do was be honest with the government and say ‘Environmental problems exist. You tell us what goals you want, leave us alone, and we’ll deliver them.’" LISTEN (12 min)

Tom Fookes and New Zealand’s Green Plans

One of the leading examples of the Green Plans movement is that of New Zealand. Associate Professor of City Planning at the University of Auckland, Tom Fookes tells Betsy all about the sensible municipal planning that has been common sense for all time, but is only recently coming back into vogue. Here Dr. Fookes talks about the different approaches New Zealand and Holland are taking to the same challenges. LISTEN (8 min)


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