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Robert Borosage: When’s the idea primary?

Campaign for America’s Future
Robert Borosage laments the petty frivolity of this early presidential campaign season and breaks down Barack, Hillary, (Al?) and John’s positions on energy, sure to be the issue of the post-Bush era: "Hillary has pledged to be governed by the rules of pay-as-you go, not spending any money without a way to pay for it. Republicans will block any effort to increase taxes. So it’s not at all clear how much resources can be freed up to create a bill that will have the scope, and the depth, and the breadth of a multi-layered drive towards energy independence."
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EarthDay Network’s Urban Environment Report

President of the EarthDay Network Kathleen Rogers summarizes their comprehensive new ranking of cities’ environmental quality of life, including the vulnerability of your urban population and what individual cities are doing to combat that most global of problems, climate change:  "What we’ve provided is a roadmap for community groups to go to their mayors and talk to them about areas where they need improvement." Listen here, read up on your city, and then head to City Hall! LISTEN (12 min)

Your Expedition: To The North Pole With Ann Bancroft And Liv Arnesen

Ann Bancroft checks in with Betsy before she and Liv Arnesen embark on a journey to the North Pole without resupply, the first women to do so. Along the way the two 50-something women will not only ski with more gear than this 28-year old male producer could carry, but they will also have to swim across some ice crevices that simply did not exist twenty years ago. Ann shares her feelings for polar exploration as it relates to climate change, and looks ahead to discussing the world’s greatest challenges by with classrooms during her trip. LISTEN (12 min)
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Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie: Here are some toxic chemicals

If you’re buying a last minute gift for your significant other (sweetheart, honey, hunny-bunny, lil’ cutie, you get the picture), don’t buy perfume or cologne unless you actually know what’s in it. Renee Sharp, Senior Analyst for the Environmental Working Group tells Betsy that the government does not require these products or their ingredients to be tested for safety. Listen here to find out what products are safe to buy, and what our government (not food, and not drugs exactly, but regardless, sounds like a job for the FDA) should be doing. Mu-ah! LISTEN (7 min)


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