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Sundance Channel CEO Larry Aidem and “The Green”

Sundance Channel President & CEO Larry Aidem stops by to herald the launch of Robert Redford’s "The Green", the first network television series devoted exclusively to environmental issues: "We’ve never been a channel that was overly concerned with style. A lot
of the folks you’re going to see are people who have enormous
credibility in this space, who really know what they’re talking about,
and are there because of that, not because they’re good-looking

With the couch serving as some Americans’ natural habitat, we’re thrilled to see the always top-quality Sundance team (now including our Treehugger buddy Simran Sethi) put together a series that will engage viewers in the joys outside their window, the wisdom of owning that car in their driveway, and the chemicals that could be in that couch that they’re sitting in.
PART ONE (11 min) PART TWO (7 min)

Joshua and Kristi’s Zero-Waste Wedding

Minnesota Sierra Club Organizer Joshua Houdek tells Betsy about he and his fiancee Kristi’s plans for a Zero-Waste Wedding: "We decided that we can do something for the biggest day of our lives that aligns with our values and beliefs." Joshua also reports that he thinks "he’s turning into a green wedding planner."  LISTEN (8 min)

Picture Allen Brisson-Smith New York Times

Controversial LNG Terminal in California

California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi operates at the intersection of a statewide green economy with some serious momentum, a Govern(ato)r who’s redefined green politics and milked it for every photo op he can (not really a criticism at all, either), a Liquefied Natural Gas controversy in Southern Cali that has the Lt. Gov. and the Gov. on opposite sides, and a nation that’s looking to Sacramento rather than Washington for leadership. As Betsy can’t help but say at the end of this interview, "John Garamendi: You’re all good."
PART ONE (7 min)   PART TWO (12 min)

Judy Wicks and Philly’s White Dog Café: Fun, Food, and Social Activism

Hopefully you’ve got a cozy, quirky, wise, and progressive little place like this in your town– The White Dog Café is the type of community hub that keeps communities sustainable. Valuing a bottom line deeper than the bottom line, owner Judy Wicks has, with passion and joy, kept the White Dog ahead of the curve in cooking New American cuisine, purchasing wind power, composting (through a partnership with the nearby University of Pennsylvania), table talks, storytelling, and green building tours. In a word, the White Dog is Nourishing. LISTEN (7 min)

Photographer Chris Jordan and consumerism

Photographic Artist Chris Jordan has channeled his own relationship with consumer products and consumption habits into photographic work that reflects some rather mind-boggling statistics about you, and me, and everyone we know: "Just yesterday I completed a new image about cellphones. This is a photograph that I compiled digitally from several thousand smaller photographs. It’s a 5×9 foot print that depicts 426,000 cellphones. That is the number of cellphones that are retired every day."
LISTEN (11 min)


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