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Patty Glick (National Wildlife Federation) and Peter Fox Penner author of Smart Power

The tragic coal mine explosion this week – leaving more than two dozen miners dead – is yet another reminder of the human cost of our voracious energy consumption. The U.S. still gets nearly half of its electricity from coal and it’s byproduct, C02 emissions, contribute to climate change. 

As temperatures fluctuate, more invasive species are moving into human spaces and flourishing. That means more poison ivy and oak and more tick-borne illnesses like Lyme Disease. 

Patty Glick, a senior global warming specialist with the National Wildlife Federation, will join us to talk about a fun, new video clip they’ve produced called Climate Invaders! and what you can do about this threat, beginning in your own backyard. 

Next we’ll speak with Peter Fox Penner, author of a just released book called Smart Power; Climate Change, the Smart Grid and the Future of Electric Utilities.


UCS David Friedman and Richard Carter about Obama’s offshore oil drilling. Bill Sheehan on producer responsbility.

The Green Front prides itself on bringing you the latest and most impactful environmental stories and trends, often breaking news. Such is the case in this edition as we get immediate commentary on two important developments. 

First, President Obama’s surprise announcement that he is lifting the moratorium on offshore oil drilling.
We’ll get reaction from two experts, David Friedman, with The Union of Concerned Scientists and from Richard Charter, Marine Policy Director with Defenders of Wildlife.

In our second half we’ll meet the Executive Director of The Product Policy InstituteBill Sheehan will discuss some exciting news on the producer responsibility front from the state of Maine.


Garrit Voggesser (National Wildlife Federation’s Tribal Lands) and Lori Grace (Marin Clean Energy Initiative)

While Congress takes its time to consider critically important
legislation on climate change and energy issues, communities around the
U.S. are trying to fill the leadership gap.

This show highlights two
inspiring examples of what's being done to fill the void and be part of
the solution.

Our first guest, Garrit Voggesser, is the senior manager
at The National Wildlife Federation's Tribal Lands Conservation program.
He'll discuss a new report just out on the tremendous opportunities for
Native American communities to be part of our country's energy

Next, we'll hear from Lori Grace, a community organizer in
Marin county, California about the groundbreaking Marin Clean Energy
and why what happens to it matters to all. LISTEN

Ethan Nuss (Energy Action Coalition) and Bill McDorman

If addressing climate change is the
mission of upcoming generations then the young people behind Energy
Action Coalition are getting a jump start on the mother of all

We'll meet Ethan Nuss, Co-Field Director for EAC and
learn about the strategies, successes and stresses of green-minded

Next, you'll hear from one of the world's leading experts
on seed saving and what motivates Bill McDorman to wander the world in
search of best practices in an ancient ritual that he's devoted his life
to protecting and proliferating for the benefit of all.  LISTEN

Joe Mendelson (national Wildlife Federation) and Cindy Luppi, New England Director of Clean Water Action

One of the leading climate change
policy experts in the country discusses what’s at stake with pending industry challenges to the
so-called “endangerment finding”.

Joe Mendelson, Director of Global Warming
policy at the National Wildlife Federation, says much is riding on efforts by special
interests to reverse an EPA ruling that found greenhouse gasses are a
threat to human health, a ruling deemed more critical in the absence of
Senate action on limiting carbon emissions.

Our second segment focuses
on the health threat from chemicals in everyday products and legislative
efforts to limit future use.

Cindy Luppi, New England Director of Clean Water Action, shares
what we can do to demand safer alternatives



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