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Joe Mendelson (national Wildlife Federation) and Cindy Luppi, New England Director of Clean Water Action

One of the leading climate change
policy experts in the country discusses what’s at stake with pending industry challenges to the
so-called “endangerment finding”.

Joe Mendelson, Director of Global Warming
policy at the National Wildlife Federation, says much is riding on efforts by special
interests to reverse an EPA ruling that found greenhouse gasses are a
threat to human health, a ruling deemed more critical in the absence of
Senate action on limiting carbon emissions.

Our second segment focuses
on the health threat from chemicals in everyday products and legislative
efforts to limit future use.

Cindy Luppi, New England Director of Clean Water Action, shares
what we can do to demand safer alternatives


Jennifer Jones, Roz Savage, Mikayla Lev

For Green Front's inaugural show on PRN
we begin by checking the current political climate around climate
change. Washington D.C. based Jennifer Jones, longtime environmental
advocate, offers her view from the heart of the capitol where
Senate-bound legislation is stalled but hope rises as Rep. Lindsay
Graham puts on a green coat of armour.

For inspiration we check in with
solo ocean rower, Roz Savage, for highlights of her most recent trip
across the Pacific and up to Copenhagen, by rowboat, foot and train. So
what was harder, getting to the Climate Change Summit or watching hopes
for progress melt along with the glaciers?

The only thing raw food will
melt is the pounds off your body. Educator and chef, Mikayla Lev,
waxes enthusiastic about the next RAWvolution!  LISTEN

The Climate Project in Nashville for its North American Summit: Peter Joseph, emergency physician

Tcp-logo Peter G Joseph M.D, is an emergency physician who has been trained as climate change presenter. LISTEN (15 min)

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