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EcoTalk Sampler


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EcoTalk’s Final Show(?)

This might be EcoTalk’s last hurrah as a daily show
, but we’ll be damned if we won’t go out with yet another jam-packed hour of news that will inform the future that us optimists are determined to see through.
If the mainstream media were a little more concerned with concrete plans for our energy future than the cost of somebody’s haircut, presidential outside shot Governor Bill Richardson (NM) might have a reasonable shot at the White House this upcoming silly season. David Sandretti of the League of Conservation Voters joins Betsy to outline the big guy’s plan to combat climate change. LISTEN (10 min)

Treehugger Radio

Thradio368Treehugger Correspondent Simran Sethi
reports on France’s request that the US show more leadership on reducing emissions, the green rebuilding of tornado-devastated Greensburg, Kansas, the unusual challenge of making the Burning Man festival sustainable, and Paul Hawken’s incisive new book "Blessed Unrest." LISTEN (8 min)

Exxpose Exxon

Shawnee Hoover of Exxpose Exxon comments on reports that say that despite their ongoing insistence that they’ve severed ties with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and renounced smearing the science of climate change, Exxon "is still funding more than $2 million to the majority of climate skeptic groups" closely linked to CEI and their ilk.  LISTEN (8 min)

The saddest part of this is that Exxon and other deniers know that they
will someday have to accept and address the challenges of climate
change, yet they cynically continue to sow doubt so as to squeeze a few
more bucks out of the fossil fuel era. If we were to act now, we could
minimize the impacts of climate change on our daily lifestyles. But
Exxon’s denial creates a self-fulfilling prophecy: the longer we wait,
the more likely it is that our lifestyles will be compromised
significantly, as Exxon currently warns.

Richard Heinberg and Madonna help Betsy say Goodbye

Richard Heinberg performs his role as EcoTalk’s final (for now) guest with aplomb, discussing Exxon’s latest shenanigans as well as his books The Party’s Over and The Oil Depletion Protocol.

And finally, Betsy sees us out with a brand new Madonna tune, released as part of the LiveEarth series of concerts to combat climate change: "Hey You." Download it here! LISTEN (12 min)


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