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Dr. Riki Ott and Alex Posorske

Riki-ott  While BP executives face a grilling in Washington, the worst oil disaster to hit the U.S. mainland continues unabated.
We’ll get candid commentary from Dr. Riki Ott, marine biologist, toxicologist and author of  two books on the Exxon Valdez aftermath. This outspoken “fisherm’am”, whose boldness was inspired by Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, tells us what ‘ott’ to happen next. 

In our second half we speak to Alex Posorske, with 1Sky, about the Kerry-Lieberman Climate Bill, unveiled in Washington during this week’s edition of The Green Front.


Doug Inkley and Vinit Allen


With the Gulf of Mexico coastline threatened with an oil slick the size of Texas what is at stake in terms of fishing industry, coastal economy still recovering from Katrina, marine life and human health? We’ll get an expert’s view, and some strong opinions, from Doug Inkley, Senior Wildlife Biologist with the National Wildlife Federation. Also, what we’ve learned – and not learned – from the Exxon Valdeez spill.

On a more upbeat note we’ll meet 
Vinit Allen, author of a great new book – just released – called The Sustainable World Source BookIn fewer than 100 colorful pages, and less than ten dollars, it covers critical issues, viable solutions and resources for action!

Rafael Fantauzzi, Andrea Durbin and Rebecca Harrell

Rafael_Fantauzzi  My first guest is Rafael Fantauzzi, Chair of the National Latino Coalition on Climate Change, a new and growing constituency demanding strong and swift action on the climate and energy fronts.

Andrea-durbin  My second guest Andrea Durbin, with the  Oregon Environmental Council is leading efforts to green one of the most eco-active parts of the country, Portland, Oregon. He talks about local and state progress in the absence of national leadership.

Hot-rich-green We’ll take a lighter turn in the last segment in a conversation with the author of a great new book called Hot, Rich and Green, The Secret Formula Women Are Using To Get Rich And Save The Planet, Rebecca Harrell Tickell  is also the producer of FUEL– The Film and, along with her husband and co-producer,the creator of the Veggie Van.  LISTEN

Earth Day: Denis Hayes and Claudia Malloy

Fpz_20090928_7752  For this special 40th Earth Day edition of The Green Front we are honored with the presence of the co-founder of Earth Day, Denis Hayes. We’ll hear his views on the state of the green movement and what is at stake with a landmark climate bill hanging in the balance. 

Claudia-malloy We’ll also talk to Claudia Malloy, National Field Director for the National Wildlife Federation to hear what’s happening at the grassroots level around the country. 

Both these guests will inspire you to continue to make a positive environmental difference every day!  LISTEN

About Earth Day 2010 with Sarah Hodgon, Sierra Club’s Director of Conservation Projects and Nate Byer, Director of Earth Day Network’s 2010

Sarah hogdon 2  As we run up to Earth Day 2010 what does the 40th anniversary signify?
What should we celebrate, both as longtime eco-activists dealing with a still somewhat apathetic American public, and which defeats should be noted, or at least what is still missing on this 40th anniversary?  We’ll speak with The Sierra Club’s Director of Conservation Projects, Sarah Hodgdon, in San Francisco about recent positive developments on the mountaintop removal front, as well as what is needed most now, in terms of galvanizing public awareness? Hint: strong climate change legislation. 

Nate Byer Head Shot  We’ll also talk to Nate Byer, Director of the Earth Day Network’s 2010 celebration about how, and where, to take part. 



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