Betsy’s guests to discuss how safe or unsafe are the cosmetics and other personal products we use are:

1_cannes_homepage_image_11_skindeep_3Judi Shils, Founder and Director of the Marin Cancer Project that promotes knowing about the ingredients, phasing out dangerous components (like phtalates) and teen organizing.  Listen (10 min)

Sasha Hoffman is Miss Teen World USA and an advocate for safe cosmetics Listen (6 min)

Bruce Ackers is Director of Research and Development for EO products a company that creates natural personal care products.
Listen (11 min)

1_bottleperfumecancerHeather Sarantis is program manager with the Breast Cancer Fund that is a member of the safe cosmetics campaign.
Listen (7 min)

For more info, read the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep report and find out what ingredients are in the products you or your children use.

LISTEN to the whole program (37 min)