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The Earthdance Environmental Film Festival

The Earthdance Environmental Film Festival in Oakland, CA April 14th and 15th will showcase a bevy of short, "inspiring, quirky, weird, and wonderful" films. Festival Founder Zakary Zide sat down with Betsy to talk about the idea of a festival-as-mix-CD, short films getting longer, and environmental films getting funnier. As in, ‘wrestling Grizzlies in Grizzly proof suits’ funny. At least, Quentin Tarantino liked it. LISTEN (8 min)

Interview with Joel McEwen

Joel Christian McEwen, is the Director of In Pursuit of Happiness
a film still in progress. Danny Glover, Ed Begley, Jr., Medea Benjamin,
Howard Zinn are some of those involved. The film will blend
documentary, narrative, comedy, animation and drama.
LISTEN (19 minutes)

Deb Callahan, Oil on Ice

My guests today are Deb Callahan and Dale Djerassi.
A_deb_callahan_smallDeb Callahan is President of the League of Conservation Voters: she tells us why she is not discouraged since there was some good green news at the state and ballot levels.
A_oil_on_ice_polar_bear_1Dale Djerassi is the producer and director of the documentary film Oil on ice: it begins with an
intimate view of the natural history and indigenous cultures of
northeastern Alaska, then looks at the role of oil in Alaska’s history
and culminates with the national battle over plans to drill for oil in
the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.         Listen

The Dave Brower Hour

David_brower_with_globeToday our hour is dedicated to David Brower.
We’ll talk about the Brower Youth awards and with filmmaker
Kelly Duane about her film:
Monumental: David Brower’s fight for wild America. See the trailer


Documentaries and Mockumentaries

Our guests today are:
John Grimes, Producer of There is something about W
Mark Achbar, producer of The corporation       Listen


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