1_viviane_chang2_van_jones_yescover_05World Environment Day 2005 is a 5 day project of the United Nations Environment Programme hosted by the city of San Francisco. Betsy’s guests are Van Jones, Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center and Vivian Chang, Executive Director of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network.

For the global all in one recording: LISTEN (38 min)
For segmented listening:
Green_jobs_not_jailsPart 1: Reclaim the future, green jobs not jails Listen (10 min)
Part 2: Environmentalism, people of color, low income communities Listen (6 min)
Part 3: Green collar jobs, the third wave of the environment movement (invest in solutions) Listen (10 min)
3_green_citiesPart 4: Putting forward a vision of hope Listen (7 min)

Interesting links: Redifining progress

Two recent articles by Van Jones in Yes Magazine: A phoenix from the ashes, Two crises, one solution

Another weekly environmental radio show, Terra Verde (on KPFA Berkeley on fridays)