3_dan_carol3_light_bulbBetsy’s guests talk about alternative energies.

Dan Carol of the Apollo Alliance expands on his previous conversation last week about how to develop clean energy and independence from oil while creating jobs. Listen (15 min)

3_troy_helmingA_eolienneTroy Helming is the CEO of Krystal Planet Energy: he wants to enroll 1 million homes on clean energy via grassroots marketing. Listen (14 min)



3_jared_blumenfeldJared Blumenfeld is Director of San Francisco’s Department of the Environment: he explains the city’s programs to promote solar energy.
Listen (7 min)

3_sf_solar_panels_2More on  San Francisco solar power while you can also read the nice piece he wrote about tidal power 🙂

Here is the link if you want to listen to the whole show (37 min)