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Paul Hawken: Blessed Unrest

Paul Hawken talks about his most recent book Blessed Unrest : How the Largest Movement in the World Came in to Being and Why No One Saw it Coming.
Part 1  (11 min)  Part 2 (7 min)

Kevin Contreras: Building Green

Kevin Contreras talks about his new PBS program Building Green.
LISTEN ( 10 min)
You can also read his blog.


Kim McKay: True Green

Kim McKay
co-founder and deputy chair-woman of Clean Up Australia talks about her new book True Green, 100 everyday ways you can contribute to a healthier planet.  LISTEN  (12 min)

Lori Pye, Eco-Psychology, and Eco-Suicide

Professor of Eco-Psychology and Executive Director of the Foundation for Mythological Studies, Lori Pye offers her thoughts on "eco-suicide": "We’re destroying the very planet that we need for survival. And we’re treating the planet as we’re treating ourselves." LISTEN (8 min)

Treehugger: Earth Day Hangover Edition

Thradio368Treehugger Correspondent Simran Sethi
bring us Grist Magazine’s irreverent awards for everything from the least newsworthy environmental acts to the greenest nudie model (why oh why do I work in radio?). She also takes us to the glitzy, greenish, but still somewhat ominous Shanghai Auto show, and tells us the dollar value of New York City’s trees. LISTEN (8 min)


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