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Chad Pregracke: From the Bottom Up

"A genuine American hero," according to RFK Jr., Chad Pregracke, the young man who has cleaned up our Mississippi River, returns to EcoTalk to relate his colorful, inspiring story as it is told in his new book From the Bottom Up: One Man’s Crusade to Clean America’s Rivers. Nobody dedicates their life to such humble stewardship of the planet if they are not optimistic and in posession of an archetypal Midwestern work ethic. LISTEN (12 min)

Michael Sunanda and the Secret Disappearance of Bees

Eco-Activist, Permaculture proponent, and publisher of Primal Instincts Magazine, Michael Sunanda tells Betsy what he’s pieced together about the mysterious disappearance of bee colonies in 25 states and three countries in Europe. With Bees pollinating flowers and fruit trees, the highly visible role they play in our ecosystem is undoubted. Are pesticides to blame for these ghost hives? Are organic bee farms similarly effected? LISTEN (8 min)

Ross Gelbspan on IPCC part 2

Journalist, author of "Boiling Point", and helmsman of the always up-to-date The Heat is Online website, Ross Gelbspan here offers his wide-ranging thoughts on the second part of the authoritative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released last Friday: "Things that were considered off the charts and unthinkable six or seven years ago are now becoming conventional wisdom." Betsy sizes up the wisdom of her local gym.
PART ONE (11 min)  PART TWO (7 min)

Photographer Chris Jordan and consumerism

Photographic Artist Chris Jordan has channeled his own relationship with consumer products and consumption habits into photographic work that reflects some rather mind-boggling statistics about you, and me, and everyone we know: "Just yesterday I completed a new image about cellphones. This is a photograph that I compiled digitally from several thousand smaller photographs. It’s a 5×9 foot print that depicts 426,000 cellphones. That is the number of cellphones that are retired every day."
LISTEN (11 min)

Peter Shapiro and the Green Apple Music & Arts Festival

Longtime co-habitator of both the music and sustainability worlds, Peter Shapiro tells Betsy how more than the music’s message, the sustainable methods by which the Green Apple Music Fest is being organized will help entrench eco-friendly habits in concert promoters, venue owners, and you, that fan who’s rockin’ out in the fifth row.  LISTEN (9 min)


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