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Marty Essen: Cool Creatures, Hot Planet

Marty Essen tells Betsy about the adventures to be found on our precious, joyous, and yes, hair-raising planet, chronicled in his new book Cool Creatures, Hot Planet :  "There are a lot of creatures out there that aren’t warm and cuddly, that you might want to wipe off the map, but when you do that, you lose things for humans. For example…" LISTEN (8 min)

TXU Goes Nuclear

Two months ago major headlines were made when a coalition of environmental groups, financiers, citizen activists and energy giant TXU cut a deal to stop the construction of a number of archaic coal-fired power plants in the state of Texas. At the time the deal stuggested to us a blueprint for the way businesses and activists can work together: citizens and Rainforest Action Network worked the streets and the internet, NRDC and Environmental Defense sought common ground with TXU in the boardroom, and the banks did the numbers. The future looked bright indeed.

A little too bright, apparently. This week TXU announced that it was partnering with Mitsubishi to build some of the largest nuclear plants in our nation’s history in Texas, and….nobody’s talking about it. Aside from the Wall Street Journal, newspapers aren’t following up. The environmental groups have been quiet. Friends of the Earth Executive Director Norman Dean fills the void: "It looks to me like TXU and its partners did not put all their cards on the table at the time the deal was cut. The irony is that Texas is the number one producer of wind power, and is perfectly situated to meet its growing energy needs through wind power and other renewable energy sources. If we were putting the subsidies that we’re putting into nuclear power into wind power, we’d have a lot more supply at this point." LISTEN (11 min)

Controversial LNG Terminal in California

California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi operates at the intersection of a statewide green economy with some serious momentum, a Govern(ato)r who’s redefined green politics and milked it for every photo op he can (not really a criticism at all, either), a Liquefied Natural Gas controversy in Southern Cali that has the Lt. Gov. and the Gov. on opposite sides, and a nation that’s looking to Sacramento rather than Washington for leadership. As Betsy can’t help but say at the end of this interview, "John Garamendi: You’re all good."
PART ONE (7 min)   PART TWO (12 min)

Newsweek: Save the Planet…or Lindzen

EcoTalk gives major props to the bevy of magazines that are doing entire issues dedicated to one of the only issues that really matters, but when one single page in Newsweek seeks to debunk the other 80 or so pages of the magazine, EcoTalk must take out its scalpel and dissect that malignant piece of paper.
Oh, What a surprise! Noted climate change skeptic Dr. Richard Lindzen! Climate Institute Chief Scientist Dr. Michael MacCracken says that while Dr. Lindzen holds his scientific colleagues to incredibly high standards, he lowers the bar a bit for his own statements: "As I read that piece, and it’s only about 7 or 8 paragraphs, I noted down a dozen things that were quite misleading or deceptive."   LISTEN (11 min)

Judy Wicks and Philly’s White Dog Café: Fun, Food, and Social Activism

Hopefully you’ve got a cozy, quirky, wise, and progressive little place like this in your town– The White Dog Café is the type of community hub that keeps communities sustainable. Valuing a bottom line deeper than the bottom line, owner Judy Wicks has, with passion and joy, kept the White Dog ahead of the curve in cooking New American cuisine, purchasing wind power, composting (through a partnership with the nearby University of Pennsylvania), table talks, storytelling, and green building tours. In a word, the White Dog is Nourishing. LISTEN (7 min)


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