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PG&E’s Nancy McFadden

Senior Vice President Nancy McFadden is the perfect candidate to serve as one of the new faces of energy giant PG&E– now the type of energy giant that helps the San Francisco Giants go solar. Betsy remembers when PG&E wasn’t exactly eager to do sustainable business, and thus she is thrilled to sit down with Nancy and talk about her background working for Vice President Al Gore and California Governors Davis and Schwarzenegger, and everything that PG&E is doing to run a business that internalizes its effects on the earth and its resources, and that now refuses to take its central position between citizens and resources for granted. LISTEN (11 min)

Bloomberg: A Greener New York

In a landmark Earth Day speech Mayor Michael Bloomberg called for New York City to become "the first environmentally sustainable 21st Century City", and proposed a list of measures both modest and controversial that, if fully implemented, could be for big cities what California’s Global Warming Solutions Act Bill was for states. Well, maybe I should say "will be for states." Hopefully! Please!

Sustainable South Bronx‘s Deputy Director Miquela Craytor gives us the view from one of the five boroughs, including one of the problems most important to South Bronx residents, the issue of toxic brownfields. LISTEN (11 min)

Traffic Relief in New York

Perhaps the most controversial, or at least the most tangibly
controversial proposal Mayor Bloomberg made was to give "congestion
, or an 8 dollar fee on every car driving into Manhattan, a
three year trial run. Paul Steely White, Executive Director for the
Citywide Coalition for Traffic Relief, stops by to look at how similar
plans have fared in London and Stockholm, and how public opinion has in
both cases followed implementation. LISTEN (7 min)

Picture: transportation alternatives

Mathis Wackernagel and the Global Footprint Network

Mathis Wackernagel
of the Global Footprint Network talks about how an organization as young as his wins a multimillion dollar Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, and how they will use the money to institutionalize the Ecological Footprint in at least ten key nations by 2015: "The first nation was Switzerland, now we’re working with Japan, the next ones will be the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, and Mozambique." LISTEN (12 min)

Simran Sethi of Treehugger

Treehugger Correspondent Simran Sethi chats with Betsy about Oprah, the Sundance Channel’s "The Green", and being the new, fresh face of Green Media: "There’s a lot of things that you and I both know, but the reality is that for most Americans it’s still a lightbulb moment to realize how inefficient incandescents are." LISTEN (9 min)


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