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The Environmental Working Group uncovers a Toxic Two-Timer

Environmental Working Group
Executive Director Richard Wiles tells Betsy about digging up the all-too-convenient fact that a contractor hired by the National Institute of Health to judge the risk of toxic chemicals was simultaneously moonlighting for the chemical industry itself. Fortunately, even the current Fed leadership decided that the other foot had to drop on this one: "Some of the principals in this company have a long history of working as expert witnesses for corporate polluters." LISTEN (12 min)

Patrick Carman: “Atherton: the House of Power”

Bestselling author Patrick Carman joins Betsy to talk about the magical world depicted in his new novel for young adults "Atherton: the House of Power", and its not coincidental resemblance to the magical Earth we all live on: "This particular book takes place about a hundred years in the future…"
LISTEN (8 min)

Science Teacher faces Harrassment for teaching Common Sense

Oregon Teacher of the Year Award Recipient John Borowski tells Betsy about the pressure he’s faced from school administrators to stop teaching his students how science can be practically applied to the largest challenge that they will inherit from us, climate change. Mr. Borowski points to corporate pressure on science teachers nationwide not to tell our kids too much about their future, but he teaches undeterred, determined to respect his students’ education and teach them to think critically about the world: "I ask kids to take a newspaper article on the environment and analyze it. I always told them that I’ll grade the paper based on two things: you presentation of facts, and how well you analyze those facts. But I’m not going to grade them on their opinion."  LISTEN (11 min)

SustainLane: How Green is Your City?

SustainLane Chief Strategy Officer Warren Karlenzig joins Betsy to talk about how SustainLane has ranked the 50 greenest cities in the nation in their attractive and handy new book How Green is Your City?  The top three cities are on the West Coast, but cities from Boston to Honolulu have  green habits and new efforts, from Farmer’s Markets to Tap Water to Public Transportation, that they should be proud of and build upon: "Cities can learn from one other. They’re using these rankings to compare their metrics, how they’re performing in different areas on everything from green building to sustainability management."  LISTEN (7 min)

Fortune Magazine: The Coolest Companies on the Planet

Fortune Magazine Assistant Managing Director Cait Murphy offers a broad view of how mainstream corporate businesses have warmed to the environment just in time to help us address climate change with ingenuity and capital investments. Their cover model? Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. Nice choice!
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