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From Sierra Magazine: The Low-Carbon Diet

Seth Zuckerman explains in Sierra Magazine about his Low Carbon Diet: From gas gluttony to fuel fitness in three weeks.
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Go and See An Inconvenient Truth!

Goreearth2 NRDC’s Daniel Hinerfeld presents An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore and co-producer Laurie David. LISTEN (8 min)
More up to date information in the blog. You can also read the book.


Onewaypluginhybrids Shana Weber reflects on an ongoing disinformation campaign by the Competitive Institute and Felix
, Founder
of CalCars talks
 about Plug-In-Hybrids.

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Meet the coal cow-boy

Montana Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer is in favor of using his state’s abundant coal reserves in an environment friendly way. Are synthetic fuels part of the solution to reduce global warming? NRDC’s Dave Hawkins chips in. LISTEN (12 min)


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