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Vinod Khosla and Craig Lewis debate Ethanol

Sun Microsystems co-founder and venture capitalist Vinod Khosla backs Ethanol. Craig Lewis of RightCycle Enterprises says "Ethanol is not a smart energy solution." Hear both sides here: LISTEN (8 min)

Daniel Kammen: China takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

As Berkeley Professor Daniel Kammen tells Betsy, it’s great that the Chinese government is considering a tax on industrial polluters. Less great, though, is that a coal-fired power plant opens there every ten days. As for the Republic of Texas…. LISTEN (11 MIN)

EU plus Six sign Nuclear Fusion Pact

Yesterday the EU and six other countries announced plans to build a 13 billion dollar Nuclear Fusion reactor in southern France. Fusion technology is far, far from proven (and it’s a little unnerving anytime you see the words ‘experimental’ and ‘reactor’ together), but if delivered, such a reactor would use no fossil fuels. Anna Aurelio of US Public Interest Research Group offers her take on the pros and cons. LISTEN (11 min)

Craig Morris: Energy Switch, Proven Solutions For A Renewable Future

Energy (of the non-fossilized variety) is a recurring theme here on EcoTalk, but we rarely have a guest as well-versed in all types of renewable energy as Craig Morris. His new book, Energy Switch, makes very useful comparisons between practical, workable models in Germany, and what we need to do right here in the US of A. LISTEN (12 min)

Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn: Energy Efficiency as National Defense

Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn iluminates the security threats posed by our dependence on oil, and that military personnel want renewable energy and fuel-efficient vehicles. LISTEN (11 min)


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