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Betsy on Morning Sedition

0_bush_global_warmingbBetsy got up very early this morning to speak on New York based AAR Morning Sedition about the abysmal energy policies promoted by Bush and co.
Listen (12 min)

Best of Ecotalk

Betsy is taking a well deserved short vacation so we’ll be airing programs from "The Best of EcoTalk" archives for the next few weeks. This sunday we’ll replay the interview with Dr. Riki Ott on her new book about the human impacts of the Exxon Valdez disaster more than a decade later.

Interview with Riki Ott

A_riki_harbor_best_pictureIt was 16 years ago that the Exxon Valdez ran
aground, triggering the worst oil spill in history and transforming the
tranquil and pristine Prince William Sound
into a toxic wasteland. A_riki_ott_sound_truth_cover_1The legacy of that pivotal event is the subject of a
new book by Dr.
Riki Ott, Sound Truth and Corporate Myth$: the legacy of the Exxon Aldez oil spill.
We’ll hear why Dr.Ott’s scientific research
has convinced her that oil is more toxic to humans and the environment than
anyone ever thought.
In what’s being called the “Silent Spring”
of oil, Dr. Ott’s book is an urgent call for clean alternatives to fossil fuels. LISTEN


America’s energy future

0gasnoozle_1We’ll drill down and see what’s really in store for America’s energy
future now that the long delayed, much debated energy bill has been signed. Were
the oil and coal industries the only winners or is there something in there for
the rest of us? In signing the legislation Bush said nuclear power offers great
promise but is it a safe or cost effective?

Markhertsgaard_1Author and commentator, Mark
will weigh in about the real cost of nuclear energy and tell us why "peak oil" is going to become a
familiar concept.
Listen (17 min)

Windmills Bob Borosage, of The Campaign for America’s
and the Apollo Alliance, will tell us what states are doing to be more "conserve-ative" since
the federal government is MIA on energy efficiency leadership.
Listen (19 min)

LISTEN to the whole progam (37 min)

The answer is in the wind (and the sun)

3_dan_carol3_light_bulbBetsy’s guests talk about alternative energies.

Dan Carol of the Apollo Alliance expands on his previous conversation last week about how to develop clean energy and independence from oil while creating jobs. Listen (15 min)

3_troy_helmingA_eolienneTroy Helming is the CEO of Krystal Planet Energy: he wants to enroll 1 million homes on clean energy via grassroots marketing. Listen (14 min)



3_jared_blumenfeldJared Blumenfeld is Director of San Francisco’s Department of the Environment: he explains the city’s programs to promote solar energy.
Listen (7 min)

3_sf_solar_panels_2More on  San Francisco solar power while you can also read the nice piece he wrote about tidal power 🙂

Here is the link if you want to listen to the whole show (37 min)

Greener cars in Canada

A_singer_climate_1The Canadian government,
apparently lightyears ahead of US, has succeeded in getting automakers
to voluntarily reduce their vehicles greenhouse gas emissions up to
nearly 6 milion tons by 2010. We’ll get reaction and analysis on how
the historic agreement will impact the way cars are made for the rest
of us from Sierra Club’s Dan Becker.    Listen
The cartoon is by Andy Singer.


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