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Suzzi Paynter & Texas Baptists vs. TXU & Coal-fired Power Plants

Director of the 2.3 million-strong Texas Baptist Christian Life Commision, Suzzi Paynter tells Betsy how, more than anything recent like An Inconvenient Truth, her denomination’s efforts to protect Texas from TXU’s 18 planned coal-fired power plants is the natural articulation of a faith that requires its faithful to act as stewards of all creation. LISTEN (11 min)

Lisa Margonelli: Oil on the Brain

An antidote to sometimes wonkish energy books, Lisa Margonelli‘s Oil on the Brain takes the reader from Margonelli’s local gas station to an Iranian oil platform in a refreshing up-close and personal style. Here she sits down with Betsy to highlight some of her most revealing journeys. LISTEN (10 min)

Jeff Barrie: Kilowatt Ours

Kw1 Film maker Jeff Barrie talks about Kilowatt Ours,a plan to reenergize America.
LISTEN (10 min)

Frank O’Donnell on the State of the Union: Cars, Coal, and Corn

EcoTalk’s very own Clean Air Correspondent Frank O’Donnell waxes funny and fiery on President Bush’s State of the Union speech: "He’s starting to talk the talk, but he’s a long way from walking the walk. He’s tip-toeing in the right direction, but he is not coming forward with any plan at all to actually limit emissions related to global warming." LISTEN (11 min)

ExxonMobil: Manufacturing Uncertainty

Freelance Environmental Journalist Seth Shulman was commisioned by the Union of Concerned Scientists to write a report on the tactics ExxonMobil uses to encourage public skepticism of the dangers posed by climate change. Today the Union of Concerned Scientists released his report titled Smoke, Mirrors, and Hot Air: How Exxon Mobil Uses Big Tobacco’s Tactics to Manufacture Uncertainty on Climate Science.  LISTEN (11 min)


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