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Ross Gelbspan: Boiling Points and Practical Reactions

Renowned Journalist and former Boston Globe editor Ross Gelbspan specializes in practical, economically sound, macro-level ideas to confront climate change. In a special three-part interview, he lays out ideas he brainstormed with energy companies, economists, and policy wonks, and which formed the core of his 2004 book Boiling Point: How Politicians, Big Oil and Coal,
Journalists and Activists Are Fueling the Climate Crisis–And What We
Can Do to Avert Disaster


Elizabeth Kolbert: The Darkening Sea: What carbon Emissions Are Doing To The Ocean

Elizabeth Kolbert of the New Yorker Magazine talks about The Darkening Sea: What Carbon Emissions Are Doing To The Ocean.
(11 min), PART 2 (7 min)

Check out her book, Field Notes from a Catastrophe for more of her amazing work.

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Eugene Linden: The Winds of Change

Veteran Environmental Journalist Eugene Linden applies a compelling historical perspective to Climate Change in his new book, The Winds of Change: Climate, Weather, and the Destruction of Civilizations. He says, "Some of the harshest Environmental laws in history were back in the time of Hammurabi." LISTEN (10 min)

Wes “Scoop” Nisker

Buddhist teacher, writer, and radio personality Wes "Scoop" Nisker is a fount of "Crazy Wisdom", and his thoughts on Buddhism and life on this Earth have much to offer an ecologically caring person. LISTEN (11 min)

Craig Morris: Energy Switch, Proven Solutions For A Renewable Future

Energy (of the non-fossilized variety) is a recurring theme here on EcoTalk, but we rarely have a guest as well-versed in all types of renewable energy as Craig Morris. His new book, Energy Switch, makes very useful comparisons between practical, workable models in Germany, and what we need to do right here in the US of A. LISTEN (12 min)


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