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Elizabeth Kolbert: Field Notes From A Catastrophe

Elizabeth Kolbert’
s vivid, intimate accounts of climate change through the eyes of people in the Netherlands, Iceland, and Alaska were initially published in the New Yorker Magazine and later compiled in the book Field Notes from a Catastrophe. Since "Field Notes" was first published, Kolbert has written a stunning piece on ocean acidification, and has profiled one-time boy wonder of the environmental movement Amory Lovins, now 49 years old and still the eternal optimist.

PART ONE (11 min) PART TWO (7 min)

"One of Amory’s basic points is that if you don’t use energy, you’ve
found a new energy source. A barrel of oil we don’t use, is a barrel of
oil found, in a way. If we just made cars more efficient, we would
basically found the equivalent of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves right
under Detroit."

Here Kolbert shares her thoughts on all that she’s investigated
and reported, not only on climate change but on the political and
social climate of climate change. She’s one of the most valuable
chroniclers of Our time on Earth, and we were thrilled to have her in
our Green Street studio.

Patrick Carman: “Atherton: the House of Power”

Bestselling author Patrick Carman joins Betsy to talk about the magical world depicted in his new novel for young adults "Atherton: the House of Power", and its not coincidental resemblance to the magical Earth we all live on: "This particular book takes place about a hundred years in the future…"
LISTEN (8 min)

SustainLane: How Green is Your City?

SustainLane Chief Strategy Officer Warren Karlenzig joins Betsy to talk about how SustainLane has ranked the 50 greenest cities in the nation in their attractive and handy new book How Green is Your City?  The top three cities are on the West Coast, but cities from Boston to Honolulu have  green habits and new efforts, from Farmer’s Markets to Tap Water to Public Transportation, that they should be proud of and build upon: "Cities can learn from one other. They’re using these rankings to compare their metrics, how they’re performing in different areas on everything from green building to sustainability management."  LISTEN (7 min)

Marty Essen: Cool Creatures, Hot Planet

Marty Essen tells Betsy about the adventures to be found on our precious, joyous, and yes, hair-raising planet, chronicled in his new book Cool Creatures, Hot Planet :  "There are a lot of creatures out there that aren’t warm and cuddly, that you might want to wipe off the map, but when you do that, you lose things for humans. For example…" LISTEN (8 min)

Chad Pregracke: From the Bottom Up

"A genuine American hero," according to RFK Jr., Chad Pregracke, the young man who has cleaned up our Mississippi River, returns to EcoTalk to relate his colorful, inspiring story as it is told in his new book From the Bottom Up: One Man’s Crusade to Clean America’s Rivers. Nobody dedicates their life to such humble stewardship of the planet if they are not optimistic and in posession of an archetypal Midwestern work ethic. LISTEN (12 min)


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