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Ross Gelbspan, about climate change, facts and fiction, part 3

Today we wrap up our series on global warming with chilling commentary from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Ross Gelbspan.
A_boiling_point_coverThe account of his awakening to the climate change crisis is dramatic and compelling and his new book Boiling point is both a wake-up call and call to action.


Carl Pope and David Helvarg

My gA_carl_pope_smalluests today are Carl Pope and David Helvarg, plus ecomedian Johnny Steele on Pre-Election Anxiety  Disorder and other ills.
Carl Pope is Executive Director of the Sierra Club. He talks about how the environment is factoring into the presidential campaign and about his book Strategic ignorance, why the Bush administration is recklessly destroying a century of environmental progress.

A_david_helvarg_1David Helvarg is President of the Blue Frontier Campaign. He wrote in 1993 The war against the greens and in 2001 Blue Frontier, saving America’s living seas. He speaks about the Bush-whacking of trees and other natural resources.                                          Listen


T.A Barron, Andre Heinz and Jim Lyons

My guests today are T.A Barron, Andre Heinz and Jim Lyons.
A_great_tree_of_avalon_cover_book_gta1T.A Barron is the author of The great tree of Avalon and the five book epic The lost years of Merlin.
He is challenging both presidential candidates to voice their views on a varitey of environmental issues.
A_heinz_water_home2Andre Heinz (34) is the middleson of Teresa Heinz and the stepson of John Kerry. He has worked with Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and The Natural Step in the "industrial ecology" movement. He explains the differences between George W Bush and John Kerry.

A_lyons_1Jim Lyons was Undersecretary for Natural resources and the Environment in the Clinton administration. He is Executive Director of the Casey Trees Endowment Fund in washington DC and the author of Red, White, Blue and Green, politics and the environment in the 2004 election.     Listen

A_redwhiteblue_cover The content of the book is downloadable from the site and can be accessed for free.

George Lakoff

A_lakoff1Interview with George Lakoff, professor of linguistics at UC Berkeley and recent author of Don’t think of an elephant, the essential guide for progressives.

Know your values and frame the debats are his key recommendations.



Rex Weyler about Greenpace

Our guests today are: Rex Weyler and environmental comedian Johny Steele.

A_rexweylerRex Weyler author of Greenpeace, how a group of ecologists, journalists and visionaries changed the world,  published by Raincoast Books (on recycled paper) talks about how it all started:
founding of Greenpeace, from the late-1960s to the formation of
Greenpeace International in 1979, including intimate personal stories,
sea voyages, triumphs and failures, internal clashes, and the influence
of Quakers, Buddhism, Gandhi, the civil rights movement, political
street theatre, media theory, and other cultural inspiration. 




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