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California sues Big Six Automakers


Seatbelts. Airbags. Now Clean Air: California Deputy Attorney General Harrison Pollak breaks down the state’s potentially groundbreaking lawsuit against the Big Six Automakers.

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Kick the Oil Habit Road Trip

Supported by the Center for American Progress, they are trying to cross the US using only E85 fuel (the ethanol blend). Read the blog and LISTEN (7 min)


Onewaypluginhybrids Shana Weber reflects on an ongoing disinformation campaign by the Competitive Institute and Felix
, Founder
of CalCars talks
 about Plug-In-Hybrids.

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Carbon sequestration

Climateactionnow1The hot new eco-trend, Carbon sequestration – how you can
offset your emissions – will be discussed with Jason Smith, CEO of and Craig Coulter, Partnership Director of Listen (11 min)

Arctic refuge and clean vehicles

Robert_redford_1We’ll start by a few moments from the celebration in San Francisco of 35 years of environmental advocacy by NRDC, including a few words by MC Robert Redford. Listen (3 min)


Sarah_wilhoite_1We’ll get the latest on the effort to stop Congress from opening the Arctic Refuge for drilling from Sarah Wilhoite, Legislative Associate with Earthjustice .
Listen  (3 min)


Niel_golightly_1We’ll then turn to whats fueling the U.S. oil grab….our thirsty gas guzzlers. Niel Golightly, Ford’s Sustainable Business Strategies Director, talks
about their efforts to improve the fleets lowest EPA mileage rating and
what he thinks of protests against the automaker scheduled for this
weekend. Listen (6 min)

Louise_wells_bedsworth_2 We’ll also learn why Toyota, – the darling of enviros – is the
target of a campaign by Union of Concerned Scientists and others. well
talk to Louise Bedsworth, a senior analyst with their Clean Vehicles Program. Listen (8 min)


And then Jeff Slye, CEO of Business Evolution Consulting will tell us what he learned doing eco-makeovers for the hotel industry. Listen (12 min)



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