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The Alternative Car Expo

As the LA Auto Show talked the talk last week, across town the Alternative Car Expo shifted into high gear. Rick Sikes, Fleet Superintendent for the city of Santa Monica, gives us his report. LISTEN (11 min)

Mike Hudema: Independence From Oil at the LA Auto Show

After a keynote address by GM CEO Rick Wagoner, and lots of eco-chatter, Mike Hudema, Global Exchange‘s Independence from Oil Director, separates the rhetoric from reality at the Los Angeles Auto Show: "We don’t want concepts, we want commitments." LISTEN (8 min)

Felix Kramer and Plug-In Hybrids

Who’s afraid of the Plug-In Hybrid? Felix Kramer of Cal Cars and Plug-In America gets 100 miles/gallon, and thinks there are a few reasons why you might want to as well. LISTEN (12 min)

Joel Makower on the Future of Cars


Joel Makower of helps us navigate an widening variety of fuel-efficient, forward-thinking automobile technology. Joel says that sometimes the most surprising thing about a eco-friendly car is how normal it looks. LISTEN (12 min)

The Electric Car is Alive and Speeding

Martin Eberhard and Mike Harrigan of Tesla Motors slow down long enough to tell us about the Tesla Roadster, an electric car that’s faster than a Ferrari, and has a range of 250 miles. Running low? Just plug it into your wall.

LISTEN (12 min.)


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