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The BMW Hydrogen 7

BMW’s Andreas Klugescheid stopped by EcoTalk’s Green Street Studios and went for a ride with Betsy in the new BMW Hydrogen 7, answering all the pertinent questions about this new technology along the way. LISTEN (12 min)
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Sherry Boschert: Plug-In Hybrids!

In Plug-In Hybrids: The Cars that Will Recharge America Sherry Boschert chronicles the coming together of Americans of all political stripes, from "left greenies" like herself to neoconservative hawks like James Woolsey, to call for 100mpg (100mpg!) Plug-In Hybrids as a solution to our environmental, energy, national security, and pocketbook problems. Let’s do it! LISTEN (12 min)

Hybrid Savings

NRDC‘s Daniel Hinerfeld  reports on a study that concludes that no matter what you may have heard, owning a hybrid does indeed save you a substantial amount of money– perhaps as much as $13,000. Hear all about it, and new concepts like the Chevy Volt. LISTEN (6 min)

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Grist: Fill’er Up

Grist Magazine, the best eco-journalism on the web, just got done with a whopping two-week, 34-part series on Biofuels, and the editor of this groundbreaking piece of work, Tom Philpott, stops by to give us the highlights before he runs out of gas. LISTEN (12 min)

NRDC at the Alternative Car Expo

Electriccar NRDC‘s Daniel Hinerfeld chats up Ed Begley, Jr. and others about all the fun and fuel-efficiency at the Alternative Car Expo in Los Angeles. No concepts, no promises for the future, this cavalry of inspired and intelligent cars is here today. LISTEN (7 min)


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