Joe Donnelly: Lone Wolf

Reporter Joe Donnelly shares what prompted him to go in search of a lone gray wolf in the NorthWest. His ...
/ 2013

Geoffrey Feinberg: Climate Change in the American Mind

Like clockwork, the IPCC's big report got pre-empted, buried by wall to wall mainstream media coverage on the government shutdown. But on ...
/ 2013

Dr. Mary Pipher: The Green Boat

Dr. Mary Pipher has just released her 9th book, "The Green Boat". The author, activist and psychotherapist will share what prompted ...
/ 2013
Debbie dooley

Debbie Dooley: Green Tea Party Coalition

What do you get when you mix Tea Party Patriots with solar-loving Sierra Clubbers in Georgia? The Green Tea Party Coalition ...
/ 2013

Jenny Rushmore: Responsible Travel

A national eco hotel program is gathering steam as membership doubles in TripAdvisors GreenLeaders hospitality division. Jenny Rushmore talks about ...
/ 2013

Laura Pritchett: Nature’s Warnings

The devastating floods in the hills around Boulder, Colorado are being called "biblical" in proportion and not just by environmentally ...
/ 2013

Debbie Friedman: Moms Advocating Sustainability

Debbie Friedman talks about her organization, Moms Advocating Sustainability, and their accomplishments fighting toxins at the five year mark. LISTEN ...
/ 2013

Amy Mall: Floods and Oil/Gas Drilling

NRDC writer and fuels expert, Amy Mall, discusses the threat that oil and gas drilling poses in flood ravaged areas. LISTEN to ...
/ 2013

Shane Owl-Greason: Green Tea Coalition

You may have heard about the recently launched Green Tea Coalition in Georgia. We'll meet one of the founders, Shane ...
/ 2013

Charles Margules: Cancer Causing Chemicals in Shampoos

Before you buy your next bottle of shampoo or conditioner learn how more than 100 hair products have been found ...
/ 2013

David Roberts: Good Bye For Now

David Roberts of tells why he's taking a year long sabbatical from his 24-7 climate coverage. LISTEN to DAVID ROBERTS ...
/ 2013
Alyssa Durnien

Alyssa Durnien: Occupy Sandy

Alyssa Durnien is a survivor of Hurricane Sandy and field organizer for Occupy Sandy in New Jersey. Hear why it is ...
/ 2013

Osprey Orielle Lake: Women’s Earth and Climate Summit

Osprey Orielle Lake gives us a preview of the upcoming Women's Earth and Climate Summit.  LISTEN to OSPREY ORIELLE LAKE ...
/ 2013

Bill Gabbert: Wildfire Today

More than 50 wildfires are burning across the U.S. and some are threatening lives and property.Bill Gabbert, editor of the ...
/ 2013

Miles Grant:

Miles Grant, blogger at and Communications Director of The National Wildlife Federation weighs in on the state of climate politics, "free-range blogging" ...
/ 2013

Lindsey Allen: Rainforest Action Network

The just named head of Rainforest Action Network, Lindsey Allen, talks about filling the big shoes of RAN's late Executive Director, ...
/ 2013, Lindsey Allen

Steve Valk and Ashley Hunt-Martorano

Steve Valk and Ashley Hunt-Martorano with Citizen's Climate Lobby join D.R. Tucker and Betsy with CCL's plan to combat the ...
/ 2013

Jonathan Zaidman: 1:1 Movement

Jonathan Zaidman, Executive Director of the non-profit group, 1:1 Movement, joins us to discuss their effort to reduce the unnecessary use ...
/ 2013

Tom Perriello: I Will Act On Climate Bus Tour

If you need some mid-summer eco-inspiration you'll love today's program as we learn about the multi-state "I Will Act on ...
/ 2013

Emily Southard: Hey Google Don’t Fund Evil!

Fresh from a protest outside Google headquarters Emily Southard, campaign manager of Forecast the Facts, explains why the otherwise green ...
/ 2013