Overheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change

Today we replay the two segments aired on March 20. Andrew Guzman: Overheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change Jayni ...
/ 2013
Robb hogg

Rob Hogg: America’s Climate Century

Iowa State Senator, Rob Hogg talks about his new book "America's Climate Century, what climate change means for America and what ...
/ 2013

Shanna Devine: Government Accountability Project

Shanna Devine, lead investigator at The Government Accountability Project (GAP), shares her findings in an in-depth look at the health and ...
/ 2013

Jay Shofet: Green Environment Fund

Jay Shofet, head of the Green Environment Fund, checks in with some fascinating eco-trends unfolding in Israel. LISTEN to JAY ...
/ 2013

Beth and George Gage: Bidder 70, This is what hope looks like

Beth and George Gage are the producers of a new film called Bidder 70, about Tim De Cristopher’s courageous stand which ...
/ 2013

Andrew Goldberg: Dogwood Alliance and International Paper

A big victory for tree lovers (and that should be all of us) as the world’s largest paper company comes ...
/ 2013

Michelle Kinman: Solar Lancaster

The city of Lancaster, in sunny Southern California, has vowed to become the  solar capital of the world and is ...
/ 2013

Jared Scott: Do The Math

A new film is being released in conjunction with Earth Day. “Do The Math” co-producer, Jared Scott (left on picture with co-producer Kelly ...
/ 2013

Paul Wells: Earth Day SF 2013

Earth Day is this Monday, Paul Wells tells us how one of America’s greenest cities will be celebrating from San ...
/ 2013

John Hansen: All Risk and No Reward

A new anti-Keystone campaign is being lead by some unlikely groups, including  the Nebraska Farmers Union. We’ll talk to its ...
/ 2013
Roger Ebert

Brian Merchant: Roger Ebert’s New Seasons with New Names

With Roger Ebert’s passing last week the world lost a popular film critic and political pundit but few knew  of his ...
/ 2013
Elijah zarlin

Elijah Zarlin: Keystone XL Protest Awaits Obama

Hundreds of pipeline opponents are planning to let Barack Obama know of their concerns by demonstrating at a San Francisco fundraiser ...
/ 2013
Liz Gorman

Liz Gorman: Consumers getting more environmentally conscious

The latest consumer research shows more Americans are factoring in our environment when they buy products. Liz Gorman, SVP with Cone Communications' CSR/Sustainability ...
/ 2013

Grace Morris: Think Outside The Bottle

If you don’t think our national parks should be littered with empty plastic  water bottles, you’re not alone. Hear what ...
/ 2013

Leslie Friday and David Keefe: The Climate Crisis Series

Two staffers at Boston University’s newspaper BU Today share what’s behind the campuses’ first ever series on climate change  impacts ...
/ 2013

Andrew Guzman: Overheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change

UC Berkeley Law professor Andrew Guzman, author of Overheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change, tells why global warming is so ...
/ 2013

Jayni Chase: First International Day of Happiness

Author and longtime eco- activist Jayni Chase checks in from the U.N. First International Day of Happiness and shares her ...
/ 2013

Peter Sinclair: Carbon Tax

There is renewed focus on the possibility of a carbon tax from both sides of  the issue. Climate Crock’s Peter ...
/ 2013, Peter Sinclair

Ben Wessel: 350 Action Endorses Ed Markey for US Senate

Ben Wessel, of 350  Action, explains why the climate group has– for the first time– endorsed a candidate for office, ...
/ 2013

Libba Betton: Whole Foods Commits to Full GMO Transparency

Whole Foods has announced it will be labeling its GMO products as it  tries to procure fewer of them over ...
/ 2013