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Joseph Romm: climateprogress.org, what we should do about global warming

Joseph Romm is a senior fellow at The Center for American Progress and the author of Hell Or High Water. He reminds us of the huge consequences of global warming.
He blogs at climateprogress.org.

LISTEN (10 min)

Stanford University Climatologist Stephen Schneider

Stanford University Climatologist
Stephen Schneider is on the Synthesis Committee for the IPCC report:
"IPCC doesn’t tell the world what to do. That’s the job of decision
makers, ranging from everybody out there deciding what car or
refrigerator to buy, to government officials trying to figure out what
industries to support and what industries to tax. What we will do is
survey the literature, summarize the arguments of various sides, from
the coal industry to the enviro groups. Then we’ll go beyond that and
we’ll talk about the scientific merits in those arguments." LISTEN (8 min)

Science Teacher faces Harrassment for teaching Common Sense

Oregon Teacher of the Year Award Recipient John Borowski tells Betsy about the pressure he’s faced from school administrators to stop teaching his students how science can be practically applied to the largest challenge that they will inherit from us, climate change. Mr. Borowski points to corporate pressure on science teachers nationwide not to tell our kids too much about their future, but he teaches undeterred, determined to respect his students’ education and teach them to think critically about the world: "I ask kids to take a newspaper article on the environment and analyze it. I always told them that I’ll grade the paper based on two things: you presentation of facts, and how well you analyze those facts. But I’m not going to grade them on their opinion."  LISTEN (11 min)

Newsweek: Save the Planet…or Lindzen

EcoTalk gives major props to the bevy of magazines that are doing entire issues dedicated to one of the only issues that really matters, but when one single page in Newsweek seeks to debunk the other 80 or so pages of the magazine, EcoTalk must take out its scalpel and dissect that malignant piece of paper.
Oh, What a surprise! Noted climate change skeptic Dr. Richard Lindzen! Climate Institute Chief Scientist Dr. Michael MacCracken says that while Dr. Lindzen holds his scientific colleagues to incredibly high standards, he lowers the bar a bit for his own statements: "As I read that piece, and it’s only about 7 or 8 paragraphs, I noted down a dozen things that were quite misleading or deceptive."   LISTEN (11 min)

Ross Gelbspan on IPCC part 2

Journalist, author of "Boiling Point", and helmsman of the always up-to-date The Heat is Online website, Ross Gelbspan here offers his wide-ranging thoughts on the second part of the authoritative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released last Friday: "Things that were considered off the charts and unthinkable six or seven years ago are now becoming conventional wisdom." Betsy sizes up the wisdom of her local gym.
PART ONE (11 min)  PART TWO (7 min)


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