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Climate Change Skeptic Chris Horner

Betsy’s climate change debate buddy Chris Horner (of the Competitive Enterprise Institute) pays a visit to EcoTalk to continue the conversation they had last week on Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes. The difference in Horner’s tone between his Fox and EcoTalk visits is striking, and underscores the ways in which he and like-minded cohorts continue to dangerously mislead the American people. Here Horner frequently hides behinds a dense wall of techno-babble that none of the scientists that we’ve had on our show have ever come close to touching. PART ONE (10 min)

In the second part of our talk with Chris Horner, New York Times climate reporter Andy Revkin (and author of The North Pole Was Here) checks in to fact-check some of Horner’s more erroneous points. PART TWO (8 min)

Tackling Climate Change in the US

Can we convert from an economy based on coal to a new energy future? New research out of Washington State says "Absolutely". Patti Glick, Senior Global Warming Specialist with the National Wildlife Federation, gives Betsy the rundown on this notably optimistic report. LISTEN (8 min)

Will Steger: Expedition Global Warming 101

Will Steger has journeyed by dogsled to the North Pole, Greenland and Antarctica. He has witnessed Global Warming firsthand from the top of the world, and for his next trip he’s taking us all to see it, and to meet the Inuit people whose way of life is irrevocably changing. It is all part of Steger’s Global Warming 101— through his blog, webcasts, and photos we all can learn about climate change as it is currently happening. So bundle up and hop on the sled.
(11 min)  PART TWO (7 min)

Richard Cizik: Evangelicals and Scientists

The coalition of 28 Evangelicals and Scientists that the National Association of Evangelicals Richard Cizik and Dr. Eric Chivian of Harvard University assembled do not agree about everything in the world (or in the heavens, presumably), but they do agree that climate change is a problem requiring urgent action on everyone’s part. Here Richard tells Betsy about his initial skepticism, his climate change revelation, and the common ground that will keep all of us on firm ecological footing. LISTEN (11 min)

NRDC Prez Frances Beinecke and not the Usual Suspects

NRDC President Frances Beinecke tells Betsy about the coalition of large corporations, including Duke Energy, DuPont, General Electric, and PG&E, who are demanding strong leadership on climate change from the Federal Government, just in time for tomorrow’s State of the Union speech: "The most important thing we’d like to see the president to do is commit to a cap-and-trade proposal that reduces our carbon emissions. But we’re not that optimistic." LISTEN (11 min)


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