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Air America’s Deanna Neil interviews Betsy about EcoTalk

Here is the 3 part interview:
Part 1: It’s nature way to tell us something is wrong  Listen  (7 min) 
Part 2: Why ignorance is such a problem Listen  (3 min) 
Part 3: About the waste prevention gene Listen  (6 min)

The song introducing the program is Nature’s way by Randy California: a favorite song of Betsy when she was 18. The version you hear is Jack Blades.

Visit Don’t be fueled, Mothers for clean and safe vehicles and gotmercury.

World Environment Day 2005: June 1-5

1_viviane_chang2_van_jones_yescover_05World Environment Day 2005 is a 5 day project of the United Nations Environment Programme hosted by the city of San Francisco. Betsy’s guests are Van Jones, Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center and Vivian Chang, Executive Director of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network.

For the global all in one recording: LISTEN (38 min)
For segmented listening:
Green_jobs_not_jailsPart 1: Reclaim the future, green jobs not jails Listen (10 min)
Part 2: Environmentalism, people of color, low income communities Listen (6 min)
Part 3: Green collar jobs, the third wave of the environment movement (invest in solutions) Listen (10 min)
3_green_citiesPart 4: Putting forward a vision of hope Listen (7 min)

Interesting links: Redifining progress

Two recent articles by Van Jones in Yes Magazine: A phoenix from the ashes, Two crises, one solution

Another weekly environmental radio show, Terra Verde (on KPFA Berkeley on fridays)

Toxins in cosmetics

Betsy’s guests to discuss how safe or unsafe are the cosmetics and other personal products we use are:

1_cannes_homepage_image_11_skindeep_3Judi Shils, Founder and Director of the Marin Cancer Project that promotes knowing about the ingredients, phasing out dangerous components (like phtalates) and teen organizing.  Listen (10 min)

Sasha Hoffman is Miss Teen World USA and an advocate for safe cosmetics Listen (6 min)

Bruce Ackers is Director of Research and Development for EO products a company that creates natural personal care products.
Listen (11 min)

1_bottleperfumecancerHeather Sarantis is program manager with the Breast Cancer Fund that is a member of the safe cosmetics campaign.
Listen (7 min)

For more info, read the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep report and find out what ingredients are in the products you or your children use.

LISTEN to the whole program (37 min)

The polluted information environment, interview with John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton

3_stauber3_sheldon_ramptonJohn Stauber is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy.
Since 1993 he reports about the PR industry.
Sheldon Rampton joined the Center as research Director in 1995.    LISTEN (38 min)
Stauber and Rampton have coauthored 5 books:
Toxic sluge is good for you: Lies, damn lies of the PR industry.

Environmentalism is not dead: criticizing the critics

EarthBetsy talks  with 4 guests who disagree with the arguments developed last week about the death of environmentalism.
Jim Motavalli is the editor of E-the Environmental magazine Listen (10 min)
Dan Carol of the Apollo Alliance Listen (6 min)
Dan Coifman is Director of Media Relations for NRDC. Listen (10 min)
T A Barron‘ s most recent book is  The great tree of Avalon  Listen (7 min)
LISTEN to the whole program (37 min)


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