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Towards the Summit

Our guests are:

0gantzmarshall0fahn2_1Marshall Ganz, Lecturer at the Kennedy School of Government

Larry Fahn  who recently stepped down as President of the Sierra Club

Listen (15 min)


0mcdonough_1Cradle_cover_1Architect William McDonough, co-author of Cradle to cradle

Listen (19 min)

Listen to the whole program (37 min)

And, be sure to tune in next week as we focus on Hurricane Katrina as
the first national manifestation of climate chaos and why this is only
the beginning of what scientists and environmentalists have been
predicting, mostly onto deaf ears. Is America ready to listen, connect
the dots and take action or are we dooming and damning our children to
endure the results of our fuelishness?

Drowning New Orleans

KatrinaThis prophetic article by Mark Fischetti was published in the Scientific American of October … 2001 and then featured on National Geographic TV: "A major hurricane could swamp New Orleans under 20 feet of water
killing thousands. Human activities along the Mississippi River have
dramatically increased the risk, and now only massive reengineering of
southeastern Louisiana can save the city."
Also Katrina’s real name

Best of EcoTalk 2: Toxins in cosmetics

This week’s program is again from "The best of EcoTalk" series: it was originally aired on May 22nd, 2005.

Betsy’s guests to discuss how safe or unsafe are the cosmetics and other personal products we use are:

1_cannes_homepage_image_11_skindeep_3Judi Shils, Founder and Director of the Marin Cancer Project that promotes knowing about the ingredients, phasing out dangerous components (like phtalates) and teen organizing.  Listen (10 min)

Sasha Hoffman is Miss Teen World USA and an advocate for safe cosmetics Listen (6 min)

Bruce Ackers is Director of Research and Development for EO products a company that creates natural personal care products.
Listen (11 min)

1_bottleperfumecancerHeather Sarantis is program manager with the Breast Cancer Fund that is a member of the safe cosmetics campaign.
Listen (7 min)

For more info, read the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep report and find out what ingredients are in the products you or your children use.

LISTEN to the whole program (37 min)

About the Sierra Summit

0_lisarenstrom1The Sierra Club, the nation’s
largest environmental organization is holding a conference and expo in San
Francisco next month, the "Sierra Summit", to launch "the third phase of the environmental movement".
Our guests include Lisa Renstrom, the newly inducted 51st president of the
Sierra Club, and two Summit speakers.  LISTEN (11 min)


0_chad2_1Chad Pregracke, founder and president of
Living Lands and Waters, will tell us how he went from pulling garbage from the
Mississippi River ten years ago to creating a model for cleaning up rivers across
LISTEN (14 min)

0_sarah_craven_2We’ll also hear from Sarah Craven who runs the Washington DC office of the
United Nations Population Fund (a department defunded by Bush Jr.) to learn about
"The Population Balm".

LISTEN (13 min)

LISTEN to the whole program (37 min)

Ocean directory, bad energy policies

Helvarg_bookWe’ll start with the ocean which is
where planet protectors may feel like heading after hearing about the energy
bill passed by Congress this week and awaiting signature from the evildoer
himself. David Helvarg, author of “The War Against The Greens” will join us to
talk about the release by Island Press of a “Blue Movement Directory”, a new ocean and coastal
conservation guide
of groups working to protect our oceans.  LISTEN (17 min)

Nrdc_logo We’ll hear what’s
wrong with this ‘bad energy’ bill (almost everything!) from the NRDC’s policy
director, Karen Wayland LISTEN (11 min)

CampaigningforacleanenergyWe’ll also check in with Greenpeace’ director of
research, Kurt Davies, for comments on this week’s announcement that the U.S. is
spearheading a five nation pact (the big ones missing in action from Kyoto) that
will develop new technologies to limit greenhouse gases, thus proving the Bush
administration will stop at nothing –
including, perhaps, addressing climate
change in a nuclear sort of way – to get Karl Exxonisafossilfueldinosau_5Rove off the front pages! LISTEN (4 min)

In the the last segment Betsy talks with filmmaker Dale Djerassi who directed the documentary Oil on Ice now available  in a DVD format with a grassroots action toolkit. LISTEN (2.30 min)

LISTEN to the whole program (37 min)


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