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Organic Agriculture & the World’s Poor

Think only inorganic, GMO, pesticide-laden agriculture can feed the world’s poor, and that organic is merely an indugence of the elite? While certain parties have a vested interest in having us believe that, University of Michigan researcher Catherine Badgley tells Betsy about some new studies that suggest that organic agriculture can feed the world. LISTEN (7 min)

Marion Nestle: What to Eat

Renowned nutritionist Marion Nestle, author of Foods Politics and What to Eat tells Betsy why she eats organic, why our government cannot do anything to guide us nutritionally, why a healthy diet is not as complex as it is made out to be ("Eat less, and eat more fruits and vegetables!"), and why it’s common sense for us omnivores to diversify our diets as much as possible.
PART ONE (11 min) PART TWO (7 min)

Endangered Species Chocolates

It’s pretty darn clear that the chocolate eater is not an endangered species, and so it would only make sense that the growing population of chocoholics would help those species who are a key part of our ecosystem, and need our support. Kill two birds wi– no, wait, save the birds!…<sigh>…Just eat chocolate and support endangered species with Endangered Species Chocolates! CEO Wayne Zink: "Endangered species are not just about animals on a list. ‘Endangered’ is where we are right now as a planet." LISTEN (8 min)

Adrienne Young & FoodRoutes

Country Bluegrass Singer Adrienne Young has used her stirring voice and songwriting gifts to sing the praises of living food, local agriculture, and an intimate connection to nature and the life lessons it offers. Adrienne is a spokesperson for FoodRoutes, a national organization that aims to help put local food on your table. Find out how to get involved with FoodRoutes in your area, and buy Adrienne’s new album May 22nd! LISTEN (12 min)


Gary Shinner & Mighty Leaf Tea

Mighty Leaf Tea
founder Gary Shinner sits down with Betsy to talk about Mighty Tea’s biodegradable tea bags, evolving along with the evolving organic food sectors, and the cardiovascular and anti-cancer benefits of tea. LISTEN (11 min)


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