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Myra Goodman and Earthbound Farm

Earthbound Farm
co-founder Myra Goodman tells Betsy about being Big and Organic, she and her husband’s innocent business ‘instincts’, her new cookbook that takes advantage of the organic world we’re all living in, and how, no matter what happened during the E.Coli scare, we should feel utterly safe eating Earthbound Farm products. LISTEN (10 min)

Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen

Fake food fills our increasingly laboratory-like supermarkets, the word "organic" could be compromised by companies in search of the latest high-end marketing tag, you’re working later and later every night, and all you want to do is cook good food, eat good food, and listen to good tunes while you’re doing it. Well thank god for Anna Lapp√©, Bryant Terry, and their cool new cookbook Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen. LISTEN (12 min)

The Organic Coffee Company

Pete Rogers of the Rogers family-owned Organic Coffee Company talks about going organic way back in the mid-90’s, breaking the cycle of poverty in the Panamanian communities who grow their coffee, and seeing through temporary fashion to envision an organic way of life: "The limit is only the people and their willingness to change." LISTEN (8 min)


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