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Frank O’Donnell on Bush’s slooow turn towards the light

Clean Air Watch President (and EcoTalk favorite) Frank O’Donnell weighs in on the President Bush’s pledge to abide by the Clean Air Act (or at least mouth words to that effect). "I think that the president has come up with a strategy to stall off any kind of action, and essentially put the US EPA into a straitjacket of bureauracratic process," Frank tells Betsy. Does this have to be "a long process", as the President says? LISTEN (10 min)

Frank O’Donnell: The Supreme Court sees the Obvious

Clean Air Watch President Frank O’Donnell stops by to celebrate this week’s momentous Supreme Court decision in Mass. v. EPA, asserting that the White House is indeed authorized to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. Theoretically, the Bush Administration (or, more concretely, the next administration) could act to regulate emissions without first going through Congress: "Now the Supreme Court has gone on record as saying global warming is indeed not only a problem but is something that can be dealt with even under current law. Now the onus is on the Bush Administration to do something about it." LISTEN (11 min)

A Win For Wildlife

National Wildlife Federation Global Warming Director Jeremy Symons gives us his reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision in Mass. v. EPA: "This kicks open a whole new front on the fight against global warming. We’ve got a number of new options that are gonna put pressure on the Bush Administration and Congress, and open up doors to states." Hello, California (and all those states that have signed on to Cali’s plan)! LISTEN (7 min)

Asian Pollution Affects Pacific Storms

As Betsy says, "More proof that we all live downstream." When it comes to pollution and environmental degradation, it’s often not so much what we bring on ourselves, its what we pass along to others. A new report out this week draws conclusive links between carbon emissions in China and India with intensifying storms in the Pacific North. Report co-author Renyi Zhang, a scientist at Texas A&M’s Department of Atmospheric Sciences says that storms are not necessarily becoming more plentiful in the Northwest, but that they are increasing in strength and intensity. LISTEN (11 min)


Frank O’ Donnell: Smog and the risks with Ethanol

Frank O’Donnell
talks about the risks linked to smog for women and the consequences of the increased use of ethanol.
LISTEN (7 min) 

picture: all that smog


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